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Here is yet another one of my lousy, terrible, not very literary poems.  Please enjoy it anyway.


I do not want to write today

I want to go outside and play

Just get my laptop, shut it down,

And then go wild and paint the town.

1950 beach
Throw a softball, join a band,

Build a castle in the sand,

Have a swim and sexy dance,

Go to clubs in leather pants.


I’m tired of the editing,

The plotting and the querying,

The character developments,

and literary elements.


It simply hurts to humbly grovel

With publishers to take my novel,

And spend my weekends writing tales

As if pursuing holy grails.


I want to rest! I want some fun!

To spend my days out in the the sun!

But in the end, by hook or crook,

I’ll still find time to write my book.


The End