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Navy SEAL Team 6 has the best real action heroes ever.

As you know I’ve had lots of fun doing some action hero training stuff and generally getting myself banged up and sometimes doing okay and sometimes making a fool of myself.  Okay, most of the time I make a fool of myself.   I also poke fun at fictional action heroes from James Bond to Lara Croft.

But since Sunday evening we’ve all learned about the real thing.

You know the news so I won’t belabor that phenomenal forty-minutes-on-the-ground mission executed by the team of Navy SEALs who went on to execute the now rotting-in-hell bin Laden.  God bless those anonymous soldiers.  Instead, I figured you may want to know something about the training and profiles of those men on Team 6.  Here are a few facts:

Team 6 is the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.  The men in it never stop training.  First of all as Navy SEALs they are pushed to their physical and mental limit in training that includes combat swimming and diving, navigation, weapons, demolitions, and parachuting.  The dropout rate in this period is 80%.  Up to 30 months is the standard training period before a Navy SEAL sees his first deployment.

Besides the ability to pass this training with flying colors and possessing phenomenal mental and physical toughness, Team 6 members are chosen for other qualities.  These include:

Extreme mental agility
The need to be challenged
Reserved and dedicated character
Usually a family man
Usually has earned a Bachelor’s degree
More cerebral – the kind of man who plays chess instead of poker
Usually are more mature SEALs in their late twenties or early thirties.

Also, these Team 6 members have probably been involved in 100 previous operations and have done multiple deployments.  Much more than this we’ll probably never know because Team 6 also works in strict secrecy.  In fact, there are former members who are shocked that the Team was identified at all by the government and in the media.  These are men who really, truly work below the radar.

James Bond ain’t got nothing on them.