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My body has felt better.

As I wrote in my last entry here, I had one hell of a head cold last week.  So bad that I didn’t even do any exercise at all for about five full days.  That’s unusual for me ‘cause if I don’t at least do a few stretches every 24 hours my body lets me know it.

But for six semi-miserable days my body was having other issues, so I let myself turn into a slug.  It was even a strain for me to use my brain on my job and while proofing The Compass Master.

And by the way guess who didn’t proof TCM carefully enough before submitting it the first time to CreateSpace so she’s going to have to pay fees to resubmit the corrected one.  My bad.

Anyway, this last weekend I finally started getting back into shape.  Since I still wasn’t pumped with energy I didn’t push myself.  Hence I can’t explain why my right leg is hurting off and on so badly it woke me up at night a couple times this weekend.

Damn, I feel like such a weakling wreck.

One thing I am SO HOPING is that this leg pain is, per usual, something that can be fixed by my chiropractor.  Similar crud has happened to me before, after all, and he fixes me up in five minutes, bless him.  But see, the thing is I’m kinda paranoid about my right leg ‘cause several years ago I had shingles in it.

I know what you’re thinking:  shingles is an old person’s disease.  But I’m here to tell you it ain’t.  You can be in your twenties and get it.  And what’s so horrifically painful about shingles is that the virus attacks a particular neural pathway DIRECTLY — an oh, what a difference that makes in the level of pain.

In my case, it was the nerve that runs from my lower back down and around through my right leg.  Well, it was the weekend, my leg felt as if it were being ripped off, and I was blaming myself because I’d thought I’d overstretched in a yoga class.   So Monday morning I went limping like Quasimodo into a sports clinic.   A couple hours later I was taking FOUR prescriptions.  Those beautiful pills saved me.

But now my right leg is acting up again.  And when does the pain start? At the beginning of a three-day weekend.

I tell you, there are times when I wish I lived in France where they have a 24/7 medical system where doctors make house calls at any hour, anywhere.

But today I’m feeling better, my leg doesn’t seem to be having a recurrence of shingles (THANK YOU GOD or GODDESS or GREAT SPIRIT!), which would’ve been unlikely anyway, and it’s a quiet day at work which means I can have a nice long workout at lunchtime in the basement mini-gym.  Maybe my leg will feel better by then, but to be safe I’ve got a chiropractor appointment.  And I’m lucky because I know people more athletic than I am who’ve had knee surgeries, shoulder surgeries, and for a couple guys hip replacements.  (Fencers seem prone to joint problems.)  I’ve also known people who, unlike me, sustained permanent nerve damage from shingles.   So I know I’m lucky.

I just hope my luck holds out.