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I kinda disappeared there for more than a week, didn’t I?

Sorry about that.  Truth is, I’m now out of town and pretty much all around out of it.  Traveling and staying with family over the holidays kinda messes me up, you know?  Meanwhile, I’m sending good wishes of safety to my sister in New Mexico who has to brave a snowstorm in order to pick up her daughter at the Albuquerque airport.  Last year at this time she picked the girl up just fine, only to do two perfect 360’s on the highway on the way home.  Happily no other car was nearby and she just drove onward.

Meanwhile, good wishes also to my housesitter and my lazy old kitty.  And to my best pals who’ll stop by my home and make sure all is okay.  And to all of you readers and writers out there.  May you have a peaceful, happy, prosperous, loving Christmas and New Year or whatever holiday you celebrate.  May all your literary wishes come true.

And may The Compass Master become a bestseller along with all my future books.  Amen.

Talk to you again sometimes next week when I’m back home.  And take care on those snowy highways.