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Forbidden No More

on February 6, 2012 in Misc 8 Comments »

Well, that was one weird and scary technical snafu.

My apologies to all my friends out there who tried to bring up this blog o’ mine in the last 36 hours and got only an ominous “FORBIDDEN” notice.  And thank you, Robert and Hart and Old Kitty, for emailing me or posting a shout-out that I’d seemed to have fallen off the planet.

Let me tell you, on Sunday evening when I couldn’t get into my blog one way or the other, I kinda freaked out.  I mean, I couldn’t even bring up the login page.  So my techie friend Alonzo jumped on the case, thought it was such-and-such a problem with the server (hey, you expect me to remember geeky IP terms?) and told me to simply wait out the process.  Then by late Monday he realized that somebody at the server company had done something really stupid with my account (the technical term was “They f***ed up”), and he had to have a cyber argument with them about their mistake (which they wouldn’t admit) and order them to FIX THE PROBLEM RIGHT NOW!  (They fixed it.  Alonzo can be very intimidating when he’s mad).

Thank you Alonzo.

It’s at times like this that I really hate being such a brainless twit when it comes to the more advanced features of computer systems, website maintenance, you name it.  Action heroes are supposed to be tech wizards, on top of being super jocks.  They can hack into high security systems, communicate with a satellite via their cellphones, you name it. Me, I don’t have the faintest idea how to rescue my own blog after some nameless twit in the Philippines commits a boo-boo.

Maybe next time Alonzo is in town I’ll ask him to give me a quickie introductory course on computer systems and server companies and whatever.  Problem is, guys like him know so much they don’t understand how SLOWLY I need to be led through this subject.

Any of you guys remember that computer guy Jimmy Fallon used to play on Saturday Night Live?  He’d impatiently rattle off computer geek words while insulting anyone who didn’t understand him.  And no one ever stood  up to him because he had an incredible SUPERPOWER:  he could fix people’s computers.

Damn.  I now understand that in fact that geek was an action hero for our times.