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There’s some really good news for us writers who are self-published – a.k.a. “indie authors.” It’s even the kind of news that just might make the Big 6 traditional publishers get very nervous.

The New York Times has reviewed a self-published book.

Did you hear me?  The freakin’ NEW YORK TIMES!  Not only that, its grande dame of reviewers, Michiko Kakutani herself, wrote the long review of The Revolution Was Televised, by blogger Alan Sepinwall, and called it “a terrific book.”

OMG. I mean, this really is a breakthrough.

Think I’m kidding? Forbes ran a piece under the headline, “New York Times Reviews Self-Published Book.”  And what, among other things, does the Forbes article say?  “The best of self-publishing can compete on equal terms with the best of traditional publishing, as Sepinwell so ably demonstrates.”

And that’s not all.

The Revolution has also been reviewed by the New Yorker (double OMG) and Time and The Hollywood Reporter.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are witnessing the dawn of a new age in publishing.  Slowly, very slowly but inevitably, some nourishing raindrops of respect are falling upon books that have not been approved by any gatekeeper but instead have been humbly self-published by the lowly author.

Of course there are important details to point out.  First off, the author WROTE “a terrific book.”  Then he tried to be as professional as possible with the publishing details, including hiring an editor and cover artist.  There’s an interview with Alan Sepinwall about his process here:

Kudos to him.  Oh, and what helped him promote his book was the platform for his popular blog and his “social media presence.”

Okay, so in this last respect I’m at the bottom end of the SMP feeding chain.  But I do like to think that at least I pulled off a professional job in the publishing details for my own Compass Master.  It’s just my promotion that sucks.

So for all my blogging friends – both the indie and the traditionally published – have a wonderful week.  I really do think things are looking up for us all.