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Many Thanks

on November 29, 2010 in Misc 6 Comments »

As usual, Mark Twain said it best: “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

This means I’ve got two good months ahead of me, ‘cause over the Thanksgiving weekend a cyber friend finished reading The Compass Master and not only gave it solid compliments, he reported that he ENJOYED reading it. And that’s what we writers truly want, isn’t it? Oh sure, sometimes we also wish to enlighten or move or outrage or just plain get a rise out of someone. But The Compass Master ain’t that kind of high-minded literary work. It’s a thriller. It supposed to be FUN!

I can’t express enough thanks to Robert Read, whom I met here on my blog when he started – many months ago – leaving insightful comments and lobbing challenging questions my way. Of course I should boast that I happily have INTELLIGENT readers who leave witty comments and several of whom have their own blogs (Hart, Ben and Ketutar, in particular).

Anyway, Robert is himself a writer with a couple of swell works under his belt: a charming, imaginative short story and an ENLIGHTENING YA novella. When he read my own (massively big) manuscript, he did so with care and objectivity, making notes throughout that I now have to address because – this will shock you – he discovered that my manuscript ISN’T PERFECT!

Of course we writers always want our readers or editors to decide that our works are flawless masterpieces of unparalleled literary quality and please don’t change a word. Of course in my dreams I also like to think that Hugh Jackman is in love with me. Anyway, what made Robert’s criticisms and praises so helpful was that he was very specific. He points out, for example, that this description is lame, or that line of dialogue doesn’t work, or maybe this isn’t the type of gun the bad guy should use. About 95% of his criticisms I can correct in one weekend of work, which is a huge relief for me. The remaining 5% I should have done before Christmas.

Therefore in this time of Thanksgiving (okay, I’m a few days late), I wish to give a big honkin’ turkey thanks to Robert both for his generous critiquing of Compass and for sharing his own marvelous works with me. I also want to thank all of you for hanging in there through my literary and Layla ups and downs. And believe me, I LOVE following your blogs and hearing about your own lives and just plain hearing from you.

May the fairy godmother of literary success bless us all.