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Maybe this has happened to you.

You sit down to write something.   Just a few paragraphs, something kinda fun.   Nothing challenging.   You turn on your computer screen to write.   Your fingers are on the keyboard.   And your brain goes…


Today is one of those days for me.  I can’t even strain my brain to find a relevant illustration.   So I’m using the one with cute little animals just because I really like it.

I mean, I really, really can’t seem to write anything witty or exciting right now.   And I really apologize for those of you who have tuned in, hoping for a moment of entertainment.

I blame lack of healthy outdoor exercise (the weather has FINALLY gotten nice after a long winter) and WAY too much copy editing.   I mean, I spent the weekend churning out 125 pages of (I hope) nigh perfectly proofed and edited pages of The Compass Master.   That’s on top of the 104 pages I did the week before.   Which means I’m just a few pages away from being half way through my manuscript.

Which by the way now seems to me as long as War and Peace.

Which just goes to show you that too much copy editing, proofing, looking up facts and punctuation can fry the brain.

On the bright side of personal news…

My friend Alonzo is in town.   I’ve mentioned him before as a mountain-climbing semi-expert.   While here he’s going to help me get more comfortable with my harness and rope.   He also announced, “I’ve got a toy for you,” and brought by his grappling hook for me to play with for a couple days.

Layla, of course, uses a grappling hook in TCM, only hers is the $200 (or more) deluxe kind that’s lightweight and can be shot from a small crossbow.   Alonzo’s is the more standard black iron collapsible type, but it certainly seems just as handy.  It also looks like it could double as a nasty weapon, convenient for fending off mountain lions in the wilderness or bad guys in a city.   Of course it’s way too heavy to shoot from anything, but I’ll try swinging it around and getting it on a building’s edge or hooked on tree limbs.   I’ll have to find an out-of-the-way place to do this because a) swinging a weapon-like grappling hook in my nice tame neighborhood could get me arrested; and b) if I screw up and damage something (preferably not me), nobody will be around to laugh and point.

Oh — and I know that somehow I’ve managed to CLOSE COMMENTS for this blog again, and I don’t know how I did it so please be patient while I try to fix the dang thing.