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It was hard to be Layla even for a few hours this weekend.

You know how it is:  real life keeps interfering with your best-laid plans.  I spent a lot of time working on my taxes (I got an extension) and catching up on errands and daily life maintenance stuff.  Not exactly glamorous ways to spend my time.  It also didn’t help that the weekend was a cold, sopping wet mess.


There’s one bright note:  To my surprise I’m making some progression in one physical area, which is encouraging after suffering so much forced regression.  To whit, I’m finally, belatedly, starting to make progress on the front splits.  (You know:  face front while your legs are out to the sides.)  This after my usual well-intentioned and diligent stretching hadn’t been producing very good results.  Then I tried some tougher positions and started pushing my hips deeper into them until I definitely felt the pain. And with pain came gain.

We ain’t talking miracles here, folks.  I’m not even close to the 150 degree angle yet, let alone the impossible (for me) 180. But the fact that my legs are opening more loosely for the first time in my life EVER mean something.  To speed up the process I’m ordering a DVD on “power stretching” that I’ll experiment with.  I’ll let you know if it helps.


On the language front:  Been so busy I haven’t had time to study French (damn it!).  But at least I’ve memorized all the vocabulary in one Arabic beginner book plus about another hundred words.  With some more effort I’ll finish getting the basic grammar and sentences in it down too and can move on to more of the same in another book.  I really want to try the Rosetta Stone approach, but between my tight budget and my old computer acting up, I have to put that off for now.

I did take time out this weekend to catch a movie (on my lonesome, because all my friends were either crazy busy or dealing with some sad and tough situations).  This meant I finally got to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Wow!  Talk about a feral heroine.  She makes Layla seem almost tame.  Yet given the popularity of the Tattoo series, I feel like a heroine this extreme and memorable gives me the liberty to toughen up Layla even more.  Then again, Layla hasn’t been through the same scarring childhood abuse and so isn’t damaged in body and psyche.  Lucky for her.