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So for a second time, I had no luck on the ghost hunting front.

Last night (Sunday) I went down once again to the office in the old building where I work.  I was at my desk working for about an hour and didn’t leave until 10:30.  Okay, maybe that’s not the ideal “dead time” of one a.m. to three or whatever it’s supposed to be.  But I did walk down the stairs slowly and expectantly.  I hung out for a little bit in a couple hallways along the way.  Still I got nada.

Granted, I really didn’t try hard enough.  I didn’t sit quietly for a long time in one place.  I also realized that a part of me couldn’t let down my guard.   See, that’s kind of a hard thing for a woman to do if she’s in a big, silent old building at night all on her lonesome, because then the last thing she wants is to hear or see or feel someone nearby who isn’t supposed to be there.  Course, we’re not talking ghosts in this context but instead some creepy human.   So now I realize this deeply ingrained self-defense barrier that’s built into a lot of us ladies might be standing in the way of my finally having a ghostly experience.  That and my lack of being a “sensitive,” which I’ve written about here before.

So anyway I think I just gotta get used to being in that building on my own, sit quietly in one place for a spell, and RELAX.

And on that supernatural note, there was a related funny story in the news…

Well, maybe it wasn’t so funny to us Colorado folks — in fact we were pretty sad about it.   As you may know, on Saturday the Broncos got slaughtered by the New England Patriots in a very big play off game.  And before the game the spotlight was on the teams’ respective quarterbacks:  Tim Tebow for the Broncos and what’s-his-name Brady for the Patriots.

Anyway, Tebow has become kinda famous for being a major holy guy (and a good guy, which I respect) who prays every chance he gets (SNL had a great skit about an annoyed Jesus telling Tebow to stop bugging him so much and lighten up).  But that didn’t matter to a group of witches in Salem, Massachusetts (I am not making this up) who decided to cast a spell so that their Patriots would win.  Of course the media got the story wrong and said the witches put a curse on Tebow.  But the witches said nu-uh, we’re good witches so we don’t do curses, only blessings.  And in this vein they blessed Brady out the wazoo so that he’d play one hell of a game.

Well, Brady just plain creamed Tebow.

A part of me wishes this whole ceremonial blessing thing had some reality to it and that these modern-day witches truly have a power that made a difference in the game.   Might make for an interesting paranormal novel, wouldn’t it?