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I am so ready for the post-apocalyptic hostile dystopian world that’s coming.

Why, you may ask?  Well, I know some martial arts and badass self-defense techniques.  But more important, I know how to use a bow and arrow and a sword (okay, epee fencing, which is close enough).  And apparently sword-fighting and archery are prime skills that I’ll need to survive when our power grids fail or I have to hunt to eat or aliens invade earth.

At least that’s the message some writers are putting out there.

See, this last week I did more archery target shooting at the range/ warehouse where I can rent the equipment (I can’t afford just yet the expensive bow I’d like, let alone the arrows and related stuff).  That’s where a couple (superb) archers started chatting with me, and they mentioned how the number of kids now enrolled for archery lessons in that place has increased maybe tenfold in the last six months.  I’ve also noticed more kids and some adults are signing up for classes at the fencing center.

So why are people suddenly going crazy for old-fashioned weapons?

Well, first there were the Hunger Games books and then the movie.  Then we saw the sweet, non-dystopian Brave.  There’s the bow-wielding Hawkeye in The Avengers.  And if you’ve seen the TV ads, at least two new upcoming shows, Revolution and Arrow, will also show us why bows and swords will soon be the weapons of choice.

Who knew that writers of novels and comic books and screenplays and TV scripts could have so much power? I mean, they’re really inspiring a couple hot new trends.

I also think swords and bows are getting popular again because they’re REAL. Remember the Star Wars and other sci-fi crazes?  For a little while, pretend laser fighting was hot among kids.  Or geeks like the kind you see on Big Bang Theory.  But it had to be pretend because the “laser” swords were foam or plastic.

Bows and swords, in contrast, are real.

So like I said, I’m ready for a post-apocalyptic world.  Or an alien invasion.  Or whatever other threat writers are gonna throw at me.

Are you ready too?