Action Wish List

on May 3, 2010 in Misc

Once again I must apologize for writing only one entry last week.  My excuse is that the last few days have been pretty tough for me both physically and emotionally….

(Here I’ll pause to whine for some sympathy.)

Physically, I regressed a little.  But then the cardiothoracic surgeon who fixed my lung gave me a checkup and said my breathing capacity is normal and stable.  (Yay!)  And on Friday my chiropractor made my right leg and hip stop hurting by pushing some of my body parts around.  Seems all that sleeping and lifting only on my right side had thrown me out of whack.  Now I’m almost back in whack  (I see him again on Tuesday.)

As for the emotional pain… Let’s just say that maybe I’ll talk about that sometime in the vague future.


Anyway, to cheer myself up I did some action hero shopping.  No, I can’t afford to buy squat these days.  Still it’s fun to draw up a list of things that Layla has and I’m gonna try to buy bit by bit.

First up:  climbing and rappelling equipment.

As you can imagine, there’s plenty of it to be found here in Colorado.  Trouble is, most of the ropes, harnesses, and other things are brightly colored, the better for you to be spotted by park rangers or rescue personnel should you screw up while climbing a mountain.  What I need are shorter black ropes, black harnesses, black pulleys and descenders.  Like Layla, I need to be invisible in the dark.

Well, REI didn’t have what I wanted in its main store, but its website does carry an “assaultine static rope” in fashionable black for just over a hundred dollars.  I might be able to swing that.  The website also shows black, inexpensive harnesses I never found in the store.  This is good.  But I’ll have to run all the specs by my mountain-climbing brother to make sure I get the right stuff.


For similar climbing equipment, I found websites aimed at special forces.  But what’s really a revelation for me is that such websites sell spy-like equipment I thought only existed in movies and shows.  My fave rave piece is the camcorder sunglasses.  At $350 to about $600 there’s no way I can afford a pair, nor do I need them.  But Layla could certainly use such spiffy sunglasses because then she can put them on, innocently scope out, say, some bigwig’s estate she wants to get into, then walk away and later review everything she filmed.

I also can’t afford the kind of night vision goggles Layla  uses in a couple of key scenes.  On the other hand, National Geographic sells a night vision monocular for about $200.  It would pretty much take care of my own action needs.  Besides, if you ever get stopped by authorities while having military-type night vision goggles on your person, you might be deemed a suspicious character.  But possessing a nature-loving National Geographic monocular could get you off the hook.

Night vision Use

Obviously, my current wish list is pretty short.  Like Layla I prefer to travel light.  And since I’m also pretty lightweight in the personal finance department these days, a short list with just the basics can be a good thing.

2 Responses to “Action Wish List”

  1. Hart says:

    Helena-sorry you had such a bad week! I’m glad things seem to be improving again, and I LOVE your shopping spree for Layla stuff! It’s nuts to think what you can just…. BUY, no special connection necessary. This was great!

  2. Helena says:

    Hart — It really is crazy what’s easily available for anyone suffering from futuristic soldier/James Bond delusions. Still, it was a hoot for me to window shop for that stuff online.