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In my last post I said that I’d tell you all about my unplanned hospital stay.   But you know what?   Nobody wants any pukey details.   So instead here’s a non-gory summary.

Went to the emergency room.   The nurses hooked me up to a couple sharp shiny things.   Later the thoracic surgeon arrived and we chatted and he stuck another sharp shiny thing into me and right between a couple ribs, which caused me to express a few good old-fashioned Anglo-Saxon words. 

bicycle pump

And then he stuck a tube between those ribs, and let me tell you, getting a tube stuck in between your ribs and then having that tube of air start to inflate a collapsed lung HURTS LIKE HELL!  But the good news:   the pain soon diminished and my lung would now safely take all night to completely fill out again, thank you very much.   

Next I was shipped upstairs to ICU.   There the nurses asked me to step on a scale because apparently, no matter what your condition, it’s of paramount importance that your body weight be recorded.   Well, when I stepped on the scale and saw that my weight was down a couple pounds, I felt immediately better.  Isn’t that pathetic?   We women REALLY have to get over our big thing with body weight.

Later a couple other people (Nurses?  Technicians?   I was in no condition to ask) took me to a CT scan, which didn’t hurt at all (now there’s a novelty!) and which revealed that I have four to eight fractures in my left ribs.   Oh goody.   Can’t do nothin’ about them, just hafta let them heal.

Blue cat scan

After that:   was put back in my ICU room and kinda slept off and on.   Had lots of drugs pumped into me.   Felt SO much better when a nurse finally removed that wretched tube around dawn.   For the first time in two weeks could breathe deep, full breaths and could lean on my back without pain.   I’m almost back to feeling normal!   And then friends came and picked me up and took me home.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my ever wonderful friends Annie and Rich who are always there for me.   And thank you Sue for having a premonition that something was wrong and kept trying to get in touch with me.   And thanks to all the nice hospital people who joked with me and didn’t seem to mind when my hospital gown kept slipping down and I found myself accidentally and repeatedly flashing them.

I like to think that, even in my condition, I still looked pretty good.  But then that’s what too much medication can do to your brain.

4 Responses to “ICU / UC ME”

  1. Ben says:

    Holy crap!! I cannot imagine how painful that must have been!! At least your recovering and can breathe again!

    How long will the recovery be?

  2. Helena says:

    As of yesterday I’ve been back at work, and I feel a lot better than I had since being slam-dunked. Hope all is going better for you and your mother!

  3. Hart says:

    Oh, Helena! What a scary experience! I’m going to back read and see about this collapsed lung, but if you haven’t explained it adequately, expect questions. I’, SO SORRY! Even after that though, you managed to make me laugh with your down scale! *snort* I would be exactly the same. I hope the visit cured the problem and your health is now on the mend!

  4. Helena says:

    Hart — I love your righteous fury! I’m definitely better. And thanks for pointing out (in your comment on my last entry) the phallic angle in this mess. (Hellooo! A black belt is supposed to have self-control, not be a show-off!) As for the legal/medical payment angle — let’s just say I hafta keep my mouth shut about that in this blog for some months to come. I’m not a punitive kinda lady, but I’m also not a doormat..