My Novel Prediction Came True

on March 8, 2017 in Misc

A detail in the plot of my novel The Compass Master is coming true.

Not that I’m happy about this.  Oh sure, I feel vindicated, but it isn’t good that what I wrote as fiction a few years ago has become today’s truth.

In my novel, I predicted the rise of and collaboration between two real-life, extreme right-wing secret societies: the Council for National Policy and the Knights of Malta.  Okay, so the Knights aren’t all that secret, but they’re very elitist and great at ruthless political tactics.  In Compass, I made the antagonist a member of both.

I wrote that for years the Council has been placing members high in the U.S. government in order to take over it — this is a well-known fact. But almost no one has been paying attention to the Knights of Malta.  In Compass I pointed out that while some of its members perform charity work, a few high-ranking fanatical Knights think they’re more Catholic than the pope and are scheming to exert their control over the Church.

Guess who’s now populating the current White House and its administration.  Guess who’s battling “liberal” Pope Francis and his reforms.  The links between members of the Knights and the Council are now out in the open, and their conjoined power is pretty frightening.

As Esquire magazine reports, Trump’s chief strategist and Council bigwig Stephen Bannon has aligned himself with Knights of Malta power broker Cardinal Raymond Burke. Together they’re “… dragging elements of the Church into alliances with white supremacists all over the world.”

I almost regret giving The Compass Master a rather upbeat ending.  In our real world, some evil people are winning the game on a rigged and deadly chessboard.

It might be time for Layla Daltry fight them yet again.

If you’re interested, here are links to a few articles published within the last few weeks (and sorry that you’ll have to copy and paste these — I’ve been away from my blog so long I haven’t updated the link features yet):

The Washington Post:

NPR: http:

Esquire: http:

The New York Times:

For an older article that has basic facts about the Council, here’s this from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

4 Responses to “My Novel Prediction Came True”

  1. Ultimately life does still have an upbeat ending though since God wins anyway.

  2. The world of politics has always been twisted and perverse sadly. Good to see you blogging again! :-)

  3. It’s nice to see that you are back to blogging again. I finally got internet so I thought I’d pay you a visit. Like you, I’m so disappointed with what’s going on in our country. I’d like to blame it on powerful groups that have been cleverly moving pieces on a chess board somewhere in the background. But in truth, I think that a lot of the reason for why we find ourselves in this position is due to gerrymandering congressional districts, the rise of fake news, and the fact that we now live in a world where anyone’s opinion seems to be weighted the same as a person who has devoted their life to understanding a particular scientific niche. Oh and income inequality makes a perfect breeding ground for enslaving vast amounts of people so that they don’t have the time to educate themselves. We also have a very distracted population. Anything that bothers a person can be ignored by logging into a video game or watching television. Entire generations of men are now leaving high school, finding that the world doesn’t celebrate their greatness by handing them things on a silver platter, and growing up inside a video game instead (because it offers to these men a bunch of fake accomplishments that feel real to the brain). They periodically emerge from the cocoon of the video game to see if the world has changed…and it just gets worse…and they dive back in. One day they wake up at the age of forty, see that their youth is gone and are no longer of desirable age to get married and father children (or to get a good job), and they become depressed and bitter…angry men who want to burn it all down. I think we are witnessing the collapse of society. It’s disturbing.

  4. Helena says:

    Mike my dear! I’m so glad you have internet again! I’ve missed your blogging. My own blogging is (so far) highly irregular, but I hope to start posting at least once a week very soon.

    As for our society: As usual, you’ve made some very sharp, insightful observations, but I really hope that our society isn’t collapsing. Instead, I hope we pass through a crucible/revolution to a better society on the other side.