Easter Filling

on April 5, 2015 in Misc

Oh please, you expect me to write a post after a massive Easter supper?  (Mostly salmon and pirogues and pie.  Thank you Ann and Rich.)  I ate so much I can barely move, let alone think.

Besides, tomorrow night I’ll be posting an announcement on Tuesday for Alex J. Cavanaugh’s launch of Dragon of the Stars.  I’d love to see y’all back here for it.

bunnyMeanwhile, I’ve made some progress on my disguises and stalking plans.  If I can take a few hours from work this week I can track someone on her way to a seminar.  I especially want to be invisible because this is a nasty person with a short fuse.  Think Cruella de Vil without any fashion sense.  She’ll definitely be a challenge.

Thank you, by the way, for giving me some great disguise advice. Mike Offut (SLC Kismet) was very right about how people in uniforms (mailman, UPS, etc.) are usually invisible to everyone.  And Hart Johnson (Confessions of a Watery Tart) made a smart reference to Sidney in the Alias series and how she often changed her appearance and identity; I have the DVDs to one season and should re-watch them.  Also, I just read the chapter in Carol Kilgore’s Secrets of Honor where the heroine disguises herself in order to meet clandestinely with the First Lady; her tricks included silicon patches to fill out her face, which I didn’t know about.

I also went to Goodwill to get ideas.  Turns out the place has plenty of medical scrub duds for sale if I ever want to dress as a doc or nurse, and then there’s stuff like cutesy grandma sweatshirts.  I mean, what’s more invisible and harmless than a sweet old lady?

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week.  See you back here tomorrow.

12 Responses to “Easter Filling”

  1. You’ll find all sorts of clothes and ideas at Goodwill.
    Thanks again for helping tomorrow!

  2. Helena says:

    Alex – My pleasure.

  3. Hearing you talk about your stalking plans reminded me of my time in college when I had access to a parabolic microphone through my communications major. It is surprising how much conversation you can pick up with one of those by just pointing it in a direction. Another thing that might be right up your alley is Ham radio.

  4. Hart Johnson says:

    *snicker* Love that you are stalking a sour puss. And glad I could give you something useful, reference-wise!

  5. Tomorrow should be fun, right? And here I thought I was the person to tell you how invisible you were in uniform! :-) Actually Sherlock Holmes did it first … and Jill the Ripper, the midwife who did all those murders!!

  6. Thanks for the shoutout! Put on lots of “get-up” and they’ll remember the get-up and not the person. Like the uniform. I just wrote a bit today about someone trapped in a restaurant and how he got out by disguising himself – but you’ll have to wait a while to read that. Have fun and report back soon! I can’t wait to hear about it.

  7. Helena says:

    Michael – I’ve known about those parabolic mics (a bad guy uses one in The Compass Master), but I don’t know how much I can afford one. But maybe soon I’ll pick up some snooping equipment. And I’ll have to check out Ham radios.

  8. Helena says:

    Hart – Sour puss is a nice term for this person!

  9. Helena says:

    Roland – Ah, crap, my dear–my bad! It was you. And it was very good advice that I’ll be taking. Thank you so much!

  10. Helena says:

    Carol – I’m looking forward to your next one, but meanwhile I’m seriously enjoying “Secrets of Honor.”

  11. ann says:

    So glad you could join us for Easter dinner. I want to hear more about your stalking adventures. I love that you’re checking out thrift stores. Maybe we could go to Wizard’s Chest sometime. They have great wigs

  12. Helena says:

    Ann – I didn’t even think of Wizard’s Chest! Hope the wigs are reasonable.