Work and Play

on February 16, 2015 in Misc

Sure, my plan for 2015 was to just have some fun instead of writing.  Cause I was burned out on writing.  I was (and am) seriously burned out on publishing.  I can’t even think of book marketing. I was really, truly SICK OF IT ALL!

So guess what happened.


I’m starting to enjoy writing again.  It’s actually FUN again!  You know why?  CAUSE THERE’S NO PRESSURE! But only because I’m writing purely for myself and maybe a few friends (bless ‘em!) who want to read my stuff.

This is why I made a lot of progress on my screenplay yesterday.  And a few days ago I would have spent hours (I only had one hour) writing my sci fi novel.  And tonight I wanted to pull out my old Moonlighting script and in one sitting turn it into a movie-length screwball comedy (that was just delusional).

BUT… I still desperately need some action and fun.  Happening soon, I hope, will be…

1) Laser Tag.  I thought it would be paintball but the few players I can go with want laser tag instead.  These players are half my age.  Which says something about my maturity level.

2) I’m lining up friends for the Escape Room game (nothing happens fast these days!).  At least one other player will be my age.

3) I may not be a Woman Who Runs with the Wolves, but I’ll be a Woman Who Tracks Coyotes.  There’s a growing number around the edges of Denver, and I figure it’ll be good training for finding escaping bad guys, finding missing people (I’m thinking up fiction stories here).

How about you?  Are you enjoying writing, or has it become a burden?


10 Responses to “Work and Play”

  1. What’s wrong with your maturity level? Besides, bet you’ll be able to outsmart those younger players.
    When I lived in Arizona, we had coyotes almost in our back yard and heard them constantly. Hope you find yours.

  2. Hart Johnson says:

    I need to be there, too. I’m having such trouble with the “these don’t fit” end of it–books I thought I was done with. I need to figure out how to just enjoy myself for a while. It is interfering with all the other. Glad you have gotten yourself there!

  3. I’m trying a new writing process and it’s working so much better for me than what I’ve done previously. I’m so grateful. Writing is fun again and I’m not stressed out.

  4. Helena says:

    Alex – Hope you didn’t lose any pets to them! And their howls are so eerie.

  5. Helena says:

    Hart – Traditional publishing can be so daunting and rejecting, it just bleeds the life out of me. And for all your success, I know it’s been rough on you. You work so hard and write so much, you really do deserve a lot of pleasure in the process.

  6. Helena says:

    Carol – I’m so glad the stress is gone. And if writing is fun for you again then I’ll have more of your excellent books to read.

  7. Yes, marketing is the pits. Without it though we don’t sell. Hey, with it I am not selling. Oh, well.

    I am so happy that you are finding fun in writing again. Emily Dickinson went your path and wrote poetry decades ahead of her time.

    I won a first page critique from a new agent … and guess what? Years ago I would have been thrilled. Now, it came too late. I have written 33 books in a linked universe, and I do not think any publisher would be interested in them all. I would so like to that Escape House you are about to do.

    And like you, I may never grow up, but I will never dry up either!! :-)

  8. I enjoy it still (writing that is). I’m just in no hurry to complete anything. Obviously, there are good shows to watch on television. I have tried to view your site on my iPad by the way and I get some kind of error that rejects me. I don’t know if it’s a reaction to the iPad specifically (or mobile). I know it isn’t safari related as I’m also getting the same error with the google chrome browser for the iPad.

  9. Helena says:

    Roland – When it comes to having innocent fun, growing up is overrated. And you deserve sales! So perhaps one day fate will do right by you.

  10. Helena says:

    Michael – My tech friend has restricted my blog on some servers (or something or other) in order to protect it since it’s been attacked before. I’ll check with him to see if there’s anything he can adjust.