Quickie Report Card

on January 31, 2010 in Misc


My job is really interfering with my Layla plan. Oh well. Waddya gonna do? Reality will always win out over fantasy.

Work kept me so busy and tired this week I didn’t work out for three days in a row. A couple night ago I merely warmed up for about ten minutes, but because my body had had a brief vacation it really felt good: my muscles and joints were loose, my limbs moved freely. One thing I have kept up has been — of all the useless things — handstands against a wall. I now get into them easily and can hold them wall-free for a few seconds. My former Parkour instructors might just pat me on the back.

As for stretching: my front splits still haven’t improved much so I bought some leg weights and sometimes just let my legs hang open. This seems to be helping.

Of course I’ve also been too tired in the evenings simply to look at my Arabic and French books. Still, I must be making progress because when I hear snatches of French on TV or in a movie I understand what’s being said much more than I used to.

As for the call girl Drama Queen neighbor I mentioned in my post on gut instinct…

I can’t tell you how happy I am she’s gone. In the mere two and half months she lived in this building, she woke me up several times in the middle of the night by: a) having screaming fights with a boyfriend; or b) her boyfriends knocking on the windows to be let in; or c) the stench of their cigarette smoke seeping up into my bedroom; or d) the police banging on the front security door to be let in.

The manager told me her studio was filthy and trashed. The toilet was backed up and the refrigerator needed fumigating. And God only knows how or why but she had taken the heavy bathroom door off its hinges.

So much for the glamorous image of call girls you see in the media. If my former neighbor is any example, then they’re just just neurotic crazies with cell phones and lives that sooner or later stumble out of control.

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