Week 48: Sweet Revenge

on February 2, 2015 in Misc

Time for me to have some sweet revenge.  Or as I like to call it, justice and truth.

Sure, Modesty Blaise doesn’t believe in revenge, but in her stories she inflicts a lot of “justice.”

cat accidents

My own Charity MacCay is hot tempered and pursues getting a secret justice against real life American Robber Barons in the 1860’s (the Koch brothers of the Gilded Age).  She even has the chance to drown a couple of them but doesn’t, and regrets this because the Robber Barons live and go on to damage America.

As for Layla Daltry — she is so the personal justice type.

Then there’s me.  For this week and in the months to come I’ll go after a few evil *#!!$ who deliberately hurt me professionally and financially.  Sure, I exercised forgiveness, but while that emotionally and spiritually helped me, I’ve learned that a couple of them have become even nastier and have hurt more workers in their firm.

There’s also the fact that one of them once laughed about how he killed any cat that came on his yard, and his wife (and fellow boss) laughed along with him.  To this day I’m ashamed that I never contacted the ASPCA or other authorities.  That may not have done any good — my word against theirs — but once I was out of that firm I should have done something.

Anyway, it became clear that these Evil Ones will not stop their abusive ways — or treat people more humanely — until someone takes a whack at them.  Figuratively speaking.

Why shouldn’t that someone be little ol’ me?

With this noble idea in mind, I collected old papers from my files (I’m a packrat for documents and personal notes) and Googled like crazy.  In the end I collected helpful information.  My next steps will be to…

This is where I can’t tell you about my plans.  Sorry, but some things have to be hush-hush until they’re completed.  And even then I’ll never talk about a few details because I’ve got to watch my back.  I just hope I can make a difference for a few innocent people.  And wandering cats.

How about you?  Have you ever tried to obtain retro justice in your stories or in your life?

And on a slightly different but very Layla note…

I’m trying a new Action Hero workout with the Essentrics “Flexibility Workout for Athletes” one hour routine.  I did it twice this weekend and all I can say is…  Ow….  Ow….  Ow….

12 Responses to “Week 48: Sweet Revenge”

  1. You hit some new muscles then if it hurt.
    Shooting cats that came into their yard. What is wrong with some people? That’s so cruel.

  2. Helena says:

    Alex – They’re sadistic creeps.

  3. I have never been able to shoot or kill any animal. I just don’t want to do that. My dad tried to force me when I was young. He bought me a shotgun, took me to the marsh to hunt ducks, but I failed miserably and I believe it happened because my heart wasn’t in it. I think at that point, he just started calling me a wallflower and realized his boy was what some would call a “sissy.” Ah well, gender stereotypes are huge out here in the West.

    I don’t understand people who take pleasure in hunting/killing animals. As for revenge? I never advocate doing something illegal. But if you can do something through the legal system that works then I’m all for it. To do something illegal just makes you a different kind of criminal.

  4. Once a neighbor down the street poured acid on the back of a small dog passing in front of his fence at night … just in FRONT of his fence. You could follow the blood trail from his fence to the house of the little dog’s owners. Of course, this being Louisiana, nothing was done. And I was just a small boy. Mother firmly told me that I was to do nothing, that the Great Mystery’s punishment would be worse than anything I could do.

    The man later died of a painful form of stomach cancer. His own stomach acid ate him up from within.

    In my own alternate histories, I right certain wrongs: Samuel McCord, with Mark Twain, breaks Oscar Wilde out of Reading Goal. The Plains Indians kept their lands promised them by treaty as McCord, Elu, and the Angel of Death enforced it. Of course, both the Indians and the government hated McCord for it. No good deed ….

    I have McCord and his friends help New Orleans after Katrina as it should have, could have been helped in FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE. But I always make sure that these interventions cause negative consequences, too. Nothing in life goes as planned.

    That said … be careful with your own intervention. Always your friend, Roland

    Oh, and thanks for the great review for RETURN OF THE LAST SHAMAN!

  5. Hart Johnson says:

    Man, some people DEFINITELY need a big dose of justice hurled at them. I wish you luck in your plan. but yes, definitely cover your back. People who are like this have a lot more practice at being evil, so if it gets into a tit for tat thing, they will win. Be sneaky and thorough.

  6. Watch your back and stay safe. It’s a nasty world out there.

    I get revenge in my stories. I trust karma to take care of the rest. I’ve only come across a few people who would make me want to do otherwise, but while they’ve only been unethical, as far as I know they’ve never crossed a legal boundary. If they had, I think it would be different for me. Especially with animals.

  7. Helena says:

    Mike – How sad your dad tried to force hunting on you. I respect only real hunters like some old timers I’ve known who had to hunt during the Depression or hard times just to feed their families. But the macho type? Forget it.

    The only kind of hunting I’ve ever wanted to do is wild pigs and that’s because 1) they’re not indigenous and have almost no predators, 2) they outbreed all their predators, and 3) they’re very destructive to the environment and other animals’ habitats. I’d much rather see wild pigs sent to slaughter houses to make food for dogs and cats then the present system that uses horses.

    As for the legal system — I don’t have much faith in it, but I’m not the criminal type anyway, and I’m going to bear in mind that my personal justice should maybe be kinda fun and definitely have some meaning for me.

  8. Helena says:

    Mike — I love the idea of Oscar Wilde being broken out of prison, but only after he’s written his famous “Reading Gaol” poem (“And each man kills the thing he loves.”) I think a fundamental fantasy in all of us is to go back right the wrongs we’ve seen or read or heard about.

    I shouldn’t like the karma payback on the sadistic neighbor, but I do. How appropriate that he died the way he did after causing so much pain to an innocent animal.

  9. Helena says:

    Hart – Sneaky it is. I’ll let my paranoia guide me!

  10. Helena says:

    Carol – There’s something about cruelty to animals and the helpless that really gets to any good person. Isn’t it wonderful what satisfaction we can achieve in our stories?

  11. Helena – I have to admit that I’ve never read any Oscar Wilde. I shall correct that this year. The more I think about this fact, the more irritated I’ve become with myself.

  12. Helena says:

    Michael – You read so much already, it’s impossible to keep up with everyone. Don’t sweat it.