Week 49: The Mystical Experiment

on January 26, 2015 in Misc

50 Weeks of Living My Novels

As a pretend Fictional Woman of Action (is pretend plus fictional redundant?), the first must-do on my list is to clean out my energy.

Did you expect me to say, “Work out hard”?  Oh please, I’m already in pretty good shape, and no doubt I’ll spend a few of these 50 weeks hurling myself into harebrained jock stunts.  In the meantime, it’s my mind/ body connection that needs a lube job.


My character Layla doesn’t do any meditation stuff in her story, but in her backstory she’s dabbled in it.  My character Charity MacCay, in contrast, can be superstitious but doesn’t have a mystical bone in her body.  But then there’s Modesty Blaise, who I want to be in my next life and who spent time in India mastering advanced mind control.

Me? Hell, I’ll try anything.

Thus I found myself… um… kinda naked, lying flat on my back on a table in a dark room and receiving the sometimes painful energy massage of a Lomi Lomi ritual.  It’s from the Hawaiian spirituality of Huna, which has long fascinated me, and during it I felt  very exposed.  And weird.   Especially since I can get self-conscious over things like nakedness.

For me, relaxing and concentrating took a lot of effort on my part, but I though I succeeded.

Turns out only my mind went where I wanted it to.  The Lomi Lomi therapist told me that parts of my body never seemed to let go.   This explains why some muscles in my legs and hips that have tightened up from injuries still won’t stretch normally.   I’ve really got to work on physically relaxing.

See, one reason I used to meditate is ’cause I can go to bed and sleep while still so tense I’ll wake up sick.  Once I woke up with bad hives from nerves. Physical relaxation that others can take for granted I’ve gotta work at.  And Action Women have GOT to be in control of their bodies.


Funny and way-too-smart Mike Offut (www.SLC Kismet.com) and I both have a thing for the show Sleepy Hollow, and he suggested that we pose a question to each other each week on our blogs.

Mike asked me, “How would you describe the moment you realized Sleepy Hollow was something you would watch faithfully every week?”

My answer:  When I saw Ichabod Crane, as played by Tom Mison, and fell madly in love with him.  And because I really liked Abbie’s character and how she and Crane used their brains and skills to escape the headless horseman.  Then there’s the atmosphere, which reminded me of Halloween, and the way Police Chief Irving appeared to be in on Sleepy Hollow’s ancient secrets, which go back to the American Revolution.  Oh, of course I’m a history buff.

10 Responses to “Week 49: The Mystical Experiment”

  1. I’ll probably watch it once all the seasons hit NetFlix, but the show didn’t stick with me enough. Then again, Mison doesn’t do a thing for me!
    I could lay in bed naked and do that. Wait, I do that every night.

  2. Helena says:

    Alex – What? Mison doesn’t do anything for you?

    Me, I can go to bed tense and tied into knots. Gotta learn to relax.

  3. Oh, I forgot to check back with you on whether you liked that idea. I’ll go look and see if you have a question for me to answer regarding Sleepy Hollow. New episode tonight by the way. As for massage, I think Bob Hope said it right when he attributed a massage every day to his long life. I want to position myself so that in my retirement, I can afford a professional massage at least once a week. The Lomi Lomi thing sounds like a lot of fun and I’d be down with having professional hands rub my fat rolls.

  4. It’s THE BLACKLIST for me. Red is witty, wise, and completely ruthless at times, though loyal to his friends.

    I’m really not into emptying my mind. Hey, it took me too long to fill it! :-)

    But I do believe in tuning out the static in our heads. I even talk about that in the first chapter of my new book — but I will not mention its title like a spammer!

    Deep breathing as I lay in bed, thanking the Father for all the positive things that happened in the day helps me to relax. If all else fails, I repeat: My times are in Your Hands.

    Here’s hoping you find a way to wake up refreshed!

  5. I haven’t seen Sleepy Hollow because I watch something else at that time and also because the other voting member of the household has no interest. I have to give him a little authority over the remote from time to time :)

    Sometimes I have trouble relaxing, but it can be either mental or physical. And sometimes it’s both, as they seem to be tied together more than I would like.

  6. Helena says:

    Mike – Maybe I can send you a question after I see tonight’s episode.

    The sports massage guy I see refers to Bob Hope pretty frequently, and how in some Asian cultures massages are considered necessities for health. I hope you’ll get rich enough to have a couple massages a week, but I doubt that your fat rolls are all that bad. On the other hand, I’ve got cellulite no matter how much I work out. Frustrating.

  7. Helena says:

    Roland – I wish I had as much faith as you. Me, I really think I’m genetically wired to be a worrier. My poor Dad was a champion at worrying.

  8. Helena says:

    Carol – The mind-body connection is an interesting thing, and for me a challenge to get a handle on.

  9. Stephen Tremp says:

    I have not seen Sleepy Hollow but only because life os moving too fast. I do watch a lot of TV on Netflix but that’s because I can avoid making a show twice as long as it should be because of commercials.

  10. Helena says:

    Stephen – I know what you mean about the commercials. If I didn’t get up and do stuff around my place during them, I’d go nuts.