50 Weeks of Living My Novels

on January 19, 2015 in Misc

I’m FINALLY changing this ol’ blog around.

Obviously Becoming Layla needs to be shaken up.  It’s tired.  I’m tired.  And I haven’t updated the ever-so-tame layout since I started this sucker.  It’ll probably take me another month to make the visual changes, but in the meantime we’re two weeks into 2015, which means there are 50 weeks left in the year.  That’s 50 once-a-week postings.

modesty in car

And what I’m gonna do each week for the rest of 2015 is this:

Anything I damn well please.

So long as I spend several hours every week living like a woman from an exciting novel.  Preferably one of my novels, but vintage Modesty Blaise stories (LOVE ‘EM) are also candidates.

I mean, here I am writing stories like The Compass Master and my two Charity MacCay historicals, and even a screenplay with a (very young) brave heroine, and what have I let my weekly life devolve to? Working in the office.  Coming home.  Either doing chores and errands or crashing on the sofa because I’m exhausted.  Putting off writing and editing and publishing because I’m so discouraged as a writer.  Not going out and having fun because of time and money limits or the weather stinks or there’s no one to play with.

So for my own sake and to give you something worth reading, I plan to do some fun, exciting, weird, glamorous, dark, or just plain silly stuff.  Then I’ll write a BRIEF and FUNNY report.  Definitely briefer and funnier than this sad post.

action novel

When I started this blog I wrote about becoming Layla, which entailed my learning to do what my Compass Master heroine could do, from skydiving to paragliding to parkour to lock picking and other challenges.  I’m still an epée fencer, of course, and once the weather warms up I’ll get in more physical action.  But instead of banging myself up this time around I’m going to focus on crazy or serious or just plain very different (for me) experiences.


If you have a book being published or in any way need a shout out from me, I’d be delighted to add them to a post or have a middle-of the week post about you and your novels and stories.

Got any great non-writing plans of your own for the year?

12 Responses to “50 Weeks of Living My Novels”

  1. In the middle of it all, we can’t forget to live. Go do something wacky.
    You’re not going to change your blog title, are you?
    I rocked into Mordor this weekend. Think that was crazy enough.

  2. Helena says:

    Alex – My title will be the same. I listened to your Mordor solo and it was fabulous!

  3. Wacky but not life-threatening, please! Your friends want you around to chat with! I envy Alex’s skill with the guitar. I play a mean triangle though! :-)

    Our thought life can be rich even if we, ourselves, are not skydiving. I remember the first time I sky-dived. I was so fearful and then I saw the blind man about to do his first time as well. His face was so calm. I felt ashamed. But I will never forget the scream of his seeing-eye dog when they jumped out of the plane!

    Forgive me. I couldn’t resist. I should have. I know! Have fun with your blog and with your life. Thanks for being my friend, Roland

  4. Hart Johnson says:

    I’ve always loved this concept. I look forward to reading about the shenanigans you get up to. Maybe learn to follow someone without being spotted. I’d suggest you bug somebody (as in listen, not bother) but I think you can get in a lot of trouble… but you could learn the options for HOW… about the devices and such…


  5. Cool! Looking forward to reading every week. I already do, but you know what I mean :)

  6. Helena says:

    Roland – That poor dog! Skydiving was great, except it was so cold up there that I wanted to get back to earth just to warm up. And it was so easy ’cause it was a tandem jump. I’ve got to do my own jumping soon.

  7. Helena says:

    Hart – It’d be fun to bug and listen in on the right person–like a crooked billionaire, and there are so many of those. But the trick is not to be caught.

  8. Helena says:

    Carol – You seem to get up to more fun than I do, so the pressure is on me now.

  9. We should get together and do a Sleepy Hollow quid pro quo thing where we ask each other questions about characters and storylines and then post it on our blogs. I think it could be fun. Like I could start by asking you “How would you describe the moment you realized Sleepy Hollow was something you would watch faithfully every week?” And then you’d answer and then shoot me a question that I would answer and then back and forth.

  10. Helena says:

    Mike – That’s really a great idea. I can kind of make it an entertaining postscript to my weekly blog and you can add it to one of yours? But I’ll have to be careful not to come across as a pathetic older woman who’s stalking Tom Mison/Ichabod Crane. On the other hand, your analysis of its story and characters can be really insightful for readers/writers. Let’s do it.

  11. Sounds like it’s going to be one heck of a year — I look forward to what you have to share, Helena!

  12. Helena says:

    Milo – Let’s just hope it’s a good year instead of a disaster.