One Last Year

on January 5, 2015 in Misc

For 2015, I declare that these are my literary resolutions.  The details may sound a little crazy to some of you, but that’s because I’m finally diving off the literary deep end.  See, one year from now I plan and really want to quit writing (except privately and for fun only).  So if this is my last year of trying to get published, whether traditionally or indie, I might as well go crazy and wild.

With this in mind, I henceforth resolve to…
cow 2

  1. Finish my sci fi novel.  This will entail photographing a flying saucer as it teleports a cow for dissection, then drops it back to earth in yet another mysterious case of cattle mutilation.  Besides the cool publicity this will generate for my similarly-themed story, my photo of the saucer (not the dead cow) can serve as the book’s cover.

  2. Finish polishing my two Charity MacCay novels.  I will simultaneously make frequent hiking trips to the mountains, where I plan to find and film a Bigfoot.  Odds of this happening:  better than the odds of my getting a decent book contract for my Charity novels.  At least the hiking will get me away from my computer once in a while.

  3. Finish my screenplay.  This means ghost hunting in Ireland, which is the setting for my supernatural-themed screenplay.  Such hunting may not get my screenplay read, but I can write off my expenses tax-wise.

  4. Finish and self-publish an essay, the short form of which is Layla Daltry’s master’s thesis in The Compass Master.  I must therefore obtain copyright permission from the estate of a late British author’s book in order to complete my effort.  Again, photographing Bigfoot might be easier.

bigfoot field

That’s pretty much it, folks.  The year 2015 will be for me the year of serious writing and crazy living.

Do you have anything crazy planned for your own writing year?

By the way, the UFO calendar and Bigfoot Field Guide were gifts I received at Christmas.   So in their own twisted way my family is being supportive.

18 Responses to “One Last Year”

  1. Yeah, a dead cow on the cover might get the PETA people all riled up.
    I keep trying to quit writing. Maybe I should set goals like yours.

  2. Hart Johnson says:

    Man, I hope by year end you put of quitting for another year or more, but that said, what an awesome year! Good luck on that flying saucer thing… do you see enough of those to get a really good shot? I really think you can do it with your charity MacCay novels–I can see them as a mini-series on HBO.

  3. Helena says:

    Alex – But you’re not like me ’cause you’re so successful! You’ve had bestsellers, which you richly deserve.

  4. Helena says:

    Hart – I’ve never seen a UFO, but my Mom and sister saw something REALLY weird in New Mexico – it was right out of Close Encounters.

  5. The only resolution that I have is to improve my health and to put away more money for my future.

  6. Be flexible with those goals, please. I agree with Hart: put off quitting writing for another year extra! Again I am of a mind with Hart, I believe your Charity MacCay noels deserve their time in the publishing spotlight. Getting that permission, as you say, might be a tad difficult. I wish you the best in your goals!

  7. LOL! Loved this post. I’ve missed coming around here every week :)

  8. I just read your response to Hart about the weird thing in New Mexico. Something weird happened to us out there, too.

  9. Helena says:

    Michael – Financially you are way smarter than I am. I’m making an effort to save more, but stuff still happens. I hope your health gets nigh perfect.

  10. Helena says:

    Roland – But the thing is, if I don’t have a hard goal I’ll fart around and not finish things. This way I’ll finish, and if something good happens (like an agent out of the blue), then I’ll have reason to continue. But if not, then I’m off to investigate UFOs and Bigfoot, ’cause everyone needs useful hobbies. Still, thank you so much for your kindness, and I really want you to have great success!

  11. Helena says:

    Carol – And I’ve missed you! Now I’m off to visit your Tiki Hut…

  12. Helena says:

    Carol – Please tell me about it! Next week I’ll put in the details on my relatives’ experience and I’d love to add yours.

  13. Helena, I don’t think I’m way smarter financially because what I’m trying to do has been really really hard. And I’m still hemorrhaging money from December. Car is back in the shop again and that may cost money if it isn’t related to other repairs I had done in December. Ugh…we all just keep trudging forward. Thanks for the Sleepy Hollow update. I didn’t have too much to say about the new direction they are going in, but the angel looks like he’ll be causing a lot of trouble for the rest of the season. I’m also wondering why Katrina even wants to redeem Abraham. That guy has killed so many people, so why is redemption even in the cards for him? I think Ichabod is having a hard time standing up to his wife, who I think is drifting/flirting with evil. Do you think that’s cliche? Weren’t witches of old supposed to get the powers from evil?

  14. Helena says:

    Mike – Isn’t car repair painfully expensive? Between my car and my teeth I figure I’ll never get ahead. And my sick kitty cost me $500 a couple months ago. Ouch.

    It sounds like you and I have pretty much the same view about Sleepy Hollow developments. Katrina is supposed to be a good witch and on the side of good, but her judgment can be so off balance she may resemble the angel Orion–a dangerous zealot convinced of her own rightness.

  15. Best gifts ever — you have a cool family. I think your goals are definitely do-able, Helena, and we’ll be cheering for you from the sidelines all year.

  16. Helena says:

    Milo – I appreciate the cheers!

  17. Sorry I didn’t get back over here to see your request here. Anytime you need something from me, just email.

  18. Helena says:

    Carol – No, MY apologies! I coulda emailed you but that would have taken some brains.