Loving Leverage

on January 25, 2010 in Misc

At last I can publicly admit to a guilty pleasure.

I really enjoy watching the TNT’s Leverage.


Given the theme of both my blog and my novel The Compass Master, this shouldn’t be a surprise. The show has action, humor, powerful corporate bad guys and shady good guys who are usually on the wrong side of the law and getting into places they don’t belong. The heroes employ advanced high tech computer stuff (okay, I’m low tech), plenty of lock picking, nifty SWAT-style climbing equipment (all in fashionable coordinated black, comme moi), and martial arts fighting power.

What I didn’t know about Leverage is that it’s a fave rave show among many women literati.

So says Sean Kennedy in his article in The Daily Beast.com, Timothy Hutton: Literary Sex God. It seems that Hutton, the star of Leverage, is a genuine sophisticated reader and all-around book addict, God bless him — the kind of guy who reads short story collections and serious novels along with literary blogs, and he even promotes authors and bloggers and their book events on Twitter.

How cool is that?

Of course the literary female hordes are in turn making him a sex god in their Twitter world. Fair is fair, after all. They’re also confessing to their addiction to the show.

What a relief. This means that I can also come out about how I’m hooked on Chuck and starting to get serious about Burn Notice. Personally, I enjoy all the characters in Leverage, especially that Asperger nutcase Parker, and I don’t especially have a thing for Hutton. But now that I know his literary side, he’s definitely becoming more attractive to me.

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