Ode to My Sick Days

on January 26, 2014 in Misc

For the last few weeks I have been, off and on, grossly, pathetically sick.  In fact just about everyone I know has been ill starting just before the holidays and continuing through January.  This is my poem about my experience, and I’m sure many of you can chime in with your own ghastly stories.  My sympathy.


When I wasn’t looking, when I thought all was well,

The creeping crud got me and put me through hell.


It began with a sniffle, a snorkle, and hack,

Then the next thing I knew I’m flat out in the sack.


My head was pure mucous, and so were my lungs.

Every joint in my body ached sorely and stung.


I slept all day long, but not the night through,

When every half hour I’d run for the loo.


For days without end I was coughing and dripping.

My stomach was sour, my nausea was gripping.


“When will it end?” I cried out in despair.

“I’ll stay forever!” the virus declared.


Thus downhill I tumbled, faster and louder,

looking and feeling like month-old clam chowder.


So I took ibuprofen, decongestants and wine,

I drank chamomile tea and sage by the stein.


And at last, bit by bit, I pulled out of my slump

And killed that bad virus with a kick to its rump.


Now at last I am back and if not yet real swell

I’m here to wish all of you good luck and stay well.

sick dog

8 Responses to “Ode to My Sick Days”

  1. Ibuprofen, decongestants and wine – heck of a combination.
    Glad you kicked its butt. I’ll try to avoid it.

  2. I got something like this a month ago and it’s still hanging on. We have terrible air this time of year because of a prolonged inversion. It basically makes us have the worst air in the United States and I have to have an air cleaner running all the time in my house and limit time spent out of doors. I do sympathize though, and this is a great poem (so creative!)

  3. Helena says:

    Alex – Believe it or not, I think the chamomile tea helped the most. Go figure.

  4. Helena says:

    Michael – My profound sympathies. Don’t you just hate it when some symptoms keep dragging on and on? I didn’t know SLC had an inversion problem like Denver, but we’ve had strong winds that have been blowing most of the pollution away, at least. Please get healthy.

  5. Old Kitty says:

    Awwwww lovely Helena!! Yay for kicking that bad virus out on its backside never ever to return!!!

    Take care

  6. Down with the creeping crud! Good to see you tackle it creatively, and I hope you’re well for the rest of the year. My wife had the flu last week, and so far, I haven’t gotten it. As a teacher, I’m exposed to so much crud, I’m probably immune by this point.

  7. Helena says:

    Old Kitty – That virus bothers you, you kick it too!

  8. Helena says:

    Milo – I hope your wife feels fine now, and may you stay healthy. Dang students!