A Few Notes…

on September 9, 2013 in Misc

Just a few personal notes today…

On Monday afternoon I’m going to my first book club meeting for The Compass Master.  See, a very small local book club read my novel after being urged to do so by an elderly friend of my parents.  Advance word is the members enjoyed Compass, so here’s hoping they’ll be nice to me.

Sigh.  We writers can be such fragile creatures when it comes to our books.

I’d really love to know if any of you have had the book club experience and what it was like for you.  Good?  Scary?  Ever so grateful that these strangers read your book?

Second point…

My friend Linda is reading my second-pending-manuscript, Charity MacCay and Holy Relations, and this last week when she was only about a quarter of the way through she called me up to rave about it.  She even read aloud one paragraph.

See, the thing about Linda is that she’s extremely literary in her tastes.  She has read pretty much everything ever written by Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence, Thomas Hardy, Isak Dinesen, Proust.  You get the idea.  And she thinks my book has real literary strengths.

Aren’t friends wonderful?  I mean, I’m used to getting critiques from them (they take care to be gentle).  But when they truly love what you’ve written, doesn’t that love feel fantastic?  For a little while, before my insecurities set in again, they can make me feel like a real WRITER.

I felt just that way thanks to Hart Johnson (the glorious Naked Tart) when she generously read my first Charity manuscript.  Hart darling, your insight and book smarts and professional experience mean so much to me.

Third point…

I FINALLY went swimming on Saturday (first time all freaking summer!), and if I’d known that my thighs would look thinner the next day, I’d have gone swimming about a hundred times.

See, I don’t have a weight problem, but when I do put on extra fat it goes straight to my thighs, waist and butt.  Never on my two little puppies up top, damn it.  So even a couple extra pounds can mean that my clothes get too snug.  Then I’ve gotta lose those pounds ’cause dieting is a lot cheaper than buying new clothes.

In case you didn’t know, swimming is especially good for losing weight because your body has to burn extra calories just to stay warm.  Doctors have pointed out how Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps has to take in a HUGE number of calories, more than other Olympic athletes do, simply because he spends hours every day in a pool.

So that’s my body tip for the day:  Go swimming and have fun.

6 Responses to “A Few Notes…”

  1. If I had a place to go swimming, I would!
    That’s some great feedback on your next book. And Hart helped with the first one? She just rocks.

  2. If the book club that read your book is filled with readers, they will love it and have kind things to say about it. If it is filled with writers (some of whom may be published), you’d better prepare yourself. They will point out the typo in the fifth paragraph on page blah blah blah. They will point out how you missed one indentation or something to that effect and on and on and on.

    Gotta love writers.

  3. Helena says:

    Alex – Hart does indeed rock.

  4. Helena says:

    Michael – Nitpickers drive me nuts! I think every writer I knows can tell horror stories of people who harp on and on about a typo on page 89 and the wrong pronoun on 252. Talk about passive aggressive criticism!

  5. Old Kitty says:

    Oh wow!!! How’d you book club meeting go??? I’m so cure it went er.. swimmingly! :-) Yay! Brilliant!! Sometimes the best ad is word of mouth so yay too for your parents’ pal for recommending your book to her club! Brilliant!

    Glad you got to swim too! Me – I can’t swim! Or ride a bike! Ahem! LOL! take care

  6. Helena says:

    Old Kitty – The book club went well, thanks! It was just a small group but all the people were very kind and complimentary. I felt pretty calm but afterwards was wiped out ’cause I’m just not used to talking to groups, so my adrenaline must have been pumping away.