My Fictional Trip

on March 25, 2013 in Misc

Someday I really want to post here a personal story like this….

Last night I saw the Milky Way from within the Roman ruins.

The starlight gleamed on the broken pillars and the pale tents beyond them.  I swore I could hear the echoes of Roman soldiers marching across the silent desert.  The Jews long before them.  The Egyptians, always.

The Bedouin I am traveling with are the only people who know this isolated part of the Sinai.  Serabit El Khadem, they call it.   They say it is haunted in places.  Here, djin may live.  Genies, we call them.

The priceless artifact I discovered is in my pocket.  It hasn’t left my body since I found it weeks ago, only moments after Fatima killed the scorpion near my foot, and I caught the snake before it could bite her brother.  This is not a safe land.  But these Bedouin have taught me how to live in it.

In another month I must say goodbye – in good Arabic – to my friends.  I will miss them and their wandering way of life.  I’ll even miss their camels, but not the fleas.  Why do camels always have fleas?

Then I will travel back to Cairo to present the artifact to the head of the antiquities council.  He’ll be thrilled, of course.  So thrilled I should be able to barter my way onto the archeological sites in the Valley of the Kings.

But first I’ll stop at Yusef’s place.  His “resort,” he grandly calls it, though it’s merely a cafe and a few huts near the water.  The glorious water of the Red Sea, where my love is eager to meet up with me, and he and I will scuba dive and then spend the nights in each other’s arms.  I need days and days in the water, after being in the desert for so long…


Okay, that’s one serious travel fantasy I have. Obviously more a very imaginative novel than a real trip. But you’ve got one of your own, don’t you?

10 Responses to “My Fictional Trip”

  1. In our minds, we can go wherever we want!
    And maybe someone needs to make flea collars for camels?

  2. I’d like to see Italy but stay in a Four Seasons hotel. I’d love to see the Red Sea from the back of a yacht. Yeah…you get my taste, right?

  3. Helena says:

    Michael – Sometimes I want luxury, but sometimes I want to rough it. Since I can’t afford luxury it’s not like I have much choice. But taking a super LONG vacation would be the real fantasy.

  4. Helena says:

    Alex – The one time I rode a camel in Egypt, I got fleas from it. Seems the flea collars would have to be very large and powerful.

  5. I would like to live in places around Europe for a year or two. Mingle with the people. And enjoy. Maybe I’d weave mysteries and romances around one adventure or two.

  6. Ben says:

    You were really in Egypt? So jealous! That’s on my bucket list. I’ve been to Israel and Palestine – they were surreally cool, with literal mounds of ancient undiscovered artifacts. My old roommate’s dad is one of the leading amateur archeologists in Israel. I badly want to accompany him on a dig one summer. Where have you all been? What were you doing in Egypt?

  7. Helena says:

    Carol – That sounds so great. I bet you could write a couple of really good stories in some romantic settings.

  8. Helena says:

    Ben – It was so long ago! But yes, among some other places on a long trip I went to Pakistan, then Egypt and Israel, Italy, Britain and Ireland. When I was even younger I went around most but not all the continent of Europe, and because I’m half Irish I’ve been to Ireland and Britain a few times. One other separate trip was Panama, which as you know shows up in Compass Master. Oh, and that’s why I’m sometimes broke — ’cause traveling is not cheap. But it’s been a long time since I’ve traveled and I miss it. Other than seeing relatives, I was just being a tourist, but I’d love to do serious archeology as an amateur.

    I am so impressed that you have a solid Middle East archeological connection. If you can ever swing it, definitely take advantage of an offer your friend’s Dad might offer. You’ll never regret it.

  9. Nas says:

    Yes, we want to go places and I’ve been going to places. Egypt is one place I want to go. For the pyramids and the sphynx.

  10. Helena says:

    Nas — At least I’ve seen the pyramids and sphynx, and they really are fantastic. And that’s also where I got fleas from riding a camel (you’re forewarned).