Solomon’s Compass

on January 7, 2013 in Misc

At the end of this post I have a little note about myself, but first I’m presenting the most important news, which is (drum roll, please)…

Carol Kilgore has a new book out!  Please note that it wisely has the word compass in it, as in Solomon’s Compass.  For obvious reasons I love that word in a title.  Here’s the reveal for the gorgeous cover and the blurb…


A missing belt—her uncle’s prized possession. The lure of buried treasure. And a sexy former SEAL who makes U.S. Coast Guard Commander Taylor Campbell crazy. What more could any woman want. Right?

Taylor is in Rock Harbor, Texas, on a quest to unearth her uncle’s treasure—a journey far outside the realm of her real life. There’s one glitch. Taylor’s certain the buried treasure was all in Uncle Randy’s dementia-riddled mind. Now he’s dead.

Former SEAL Jake Solomon is in Rock Harbor under false pretenses to protect Taylor from the fate that befell her uncle and the other members of a tight circle of Coast Guardsmen called the Compass Points who served together on Point boats in Vietnam.

Jake is definitely not supposed to become involved with Taylor. That was his first mistake. Taylor is attracted to Jake as well, but she refuses to wait for him to locate the killer when she knows her plan will force her uncle’s murderer into action.

But the killer’s actions are just what Jake is afraid of.



Carol Kilgore has always had stories and characters in her head, but she didn’t know she should write them down until about a dozen years ago. Once she started, she couldn’t stop.

Her first published short story won the Derringer Award for Best Short-Short Mystery. She continued to write short fiction for a few years and also enjoyed a small success as a freelancer before giving it all up for her true love—novels.

Carol writes a blend of mystery, suspense, and romance she calls Crime Fiction with a Kiss. Always at least one crime; always a love story. Solomon’s Compass is her second published novel.

As the wife of a Coast Guard officer, Carol has lived in locations across the U.S. She and her husband now live in a San Antonio suburb and share their home and patio with two active herding dogs that keep them free from all danger, real or imagined.

You can find Carole here:

Carol really is a sweet lady and a fine writer.  Check her out.


And now a small note about myself, which is:

I have really got to stop procrastinating.

See, there’s a major, world exclusive exhibition of 70 of Van Gogh’s paintings at the Denver Art Museum.  I think it opened in October and will be gone on January 21.   This is such a big deal people are flying in from other cities to see it, and I’ve wanted to head down to the museum myself (it’s all of five minutes away from me).  So  when am I gonna see it?

At 2:30 a.m. on January 20.

That’s right.  I procrastinated so much that the only time I could buy tickets was for between 2:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. on the morning it closes.  And only because the museum is having a marathon showing in the final 24 hours of the exhibit because the demand has been that overwhelming.  That’s 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday night.   And I gotta go to work on Monday morning.

One of these days I’ll learn.

14 Responses to “Solomon’s Compass”

  1. The cover for Solomon’s Compass is gorgeous!

  2. I love Van Gogh’s paintings. The ones I’ve seen in person really affect me emotionally. I almost feel his mood as he painted. I’m jealous … even if it is 2:30 in the morning when you’ll see them.

    Thank you for sharing in my cover reveal :)

  3. Helena says:

    Carol – It’s my pleasure, and your cover is wonderful.

  4. Helena says:

    Charmaine – It is indeed.

  5. Helena says:

    Alex – So does the story!

  6. Ciara Knight says:

    Love this cover. Carol is all sorts of AWESOME, too.

  7. Helena says:

    Ciara – She is indeed.

  8. Nas says:

    Congratulations Carol! Cover is intriguing!

  9. Well I’m jealous. I love Van Gogh. Just take a nap and get all prepared with coffee or something.

  10. Helena says:

    Michael — I’m planning on napping, but I know I’ll still be useless at work the next day.

  11. Cherie Reich says:

    Congrats to Carol! And at least you got a ticket. You didn’t procrastinate too late. :)

  12. Helena says:

    Nas – I love the cover too.

  13. Helena says:

    Cherie — It was almost too late; the next day the last few hundred tickets (all in the early a.m.) were gone.