Two Shout-Outs and Two Funnies

on December 17, 2012 in Misc

First off today, do yourself a favor and swing over to Michael Offut’s blog at  Michael is fabulous, funny, scary smart, multitalented, and opinionated (bless him, ’cause so am I), and starting this week he’s on a blog tour for his new book Oculus.  You’ll find the links for the tour over there.

For me his first novel Slipstream was an exciting scifi treat.  So if Oculus is half as good (it’s the second installment in his planned trilogy), then I’ll love it.  Hope you do too.

Second factoid on my list:  I failed to sign up too for Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Alexfest.  Besides being a successful scifi novelist, Alex is an all around good guy and a great blogger — I mean, a truly great blogger who cheers on his fellow writers  and is an endless source of support and helpful info.  So here is my humble and belated salute to the great Ninja Alex.

Sigh.  Maybe in 2013 I’ll stop being always a day late and a dollar short.  But I will offer an excuse for the last couple weeks  in that a coworker has had to take several days off, which meant I’ve been doing double duty.   I am sooooo tired!

And now the funnies.

Considering the horrific news out of Connecticut, maybe there’s something very wrong about posting a couple lighthearted jokes here.  I’m still so horrified and furious and immensely saddened, and so unable even to look at the news (and this after what happened at the movie theater here in Colorado), that if I don’t share a laugh I’ll keep crying.

Here’s the first funny:  It’s the Colbert Report’s video of Downton Abbey mixed with Breaking Bad, and if you’re a Downton freak like me you’ll love it.  Be forewarned — this is the uncensored version, so there’s colorful meth-infused language.—breaking-abbey

Doesn’t this make you want to see Downton Abby meets The Walking Dead?

And this next funny thing — or else it’s just appalling — is something a friend pointed out to me.

Yes, that is a black dress you are looking at.  An incredibly ugly black dress from the expensive designer label Comme des Garcons, originally $1065 (THIS IS NOT A TYPO!) now marked down to a perfectly reasonable $348.  Polyester.  Dry Clean Only.

Then there’s the floral version.

It’s marked down from $1735.00.

My reaction is of course…

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I mean, was the designer hallucinating?  Forgot to take his medication?  Was the buyer at Saks stoned out of his lopsided gourd?  And are there really, truly women out there stupid and blind enough to spend even two bucks on these absurdities?

Then again, I’d like to thank Comme des Garcons for pointing out to me the bright side of not being able to afford designer clothes.

Have a very good last week of work before the holidays.

18 Responses to “Two Shout-Outs and Two Funnies”

  1. Those dresses are horrific.
    And don’t worry about missing the blogfest! I wasn’t lacking for embarrassment, believe me. I appreciate your kind words here just as much!

  2. Misha says:

    Oh my word those dresses are AWEFUL! Scary thing is, people have to be buying them for the designer label to continue existing.

    I’m also saddened and horrified by the tragedies that had happened this year.

  3. Thanks for the shout out on your blog, Helena. I saw the Colbert Downton Abbey / Breaking Bad thing when it aired last week. Hilarious. Oy and the tragedy in Connecticut is so sad. I wonder what’s going to arise out of all that.

  4. Ciara Knight says:

    My heart is so sad for the loss. I’m trying to keep my own babies protected from the news right now.

    I’m excited about Michael Offut’s new book!

  5. Helena says:

    Misha – And I don’t understand WHY anyone would buy them. Ugly ugly…

  6. Helena says:

    Michael – I hope that goodness and gun control and calm reason arise.

  7. Helena says:

    Ciara – May your babies always be safe. And Yay for Michael’s book!

  8. Helena says:

    Alex – I’m so glad your blogfest was such a big success!

  9. Pretty sure I could find at least one better use for $1000 than either of those dresses. Yuk! I loved the video!

  10. Helena says:

    Carol – Seriously I MIGHT buy one of those dresses for $5, then give it as a gag gift to someone.

  11. Hart Johnson says:

    ohmygawd, that Breaking Abbey is hysterical! And thanks for the reminder on Michael’s giveaway! I ahve a terrible time keeping track of things.

  12. Helena says:

    Hart – You seem so much busier than I am, I have no idea how you keep track of as many things as you do.

  13. Ketutar says:

    Hello, sweetest Helena, from snowy Sweden! :-)

    I love Comme des Garcons. Not those specific frocks, though… the black might have some potential, depending on what you wear with it… but the Japanese labels are very often created with the “I’ll just drag this black garbage bag over me, no need to empty it first” mentality. Black thick tights and a lot of scarves, so one cannot much see what’s under. I happen to like that kind of style. My family called it “Ket’s beggar style”, and then they invented “grunge” and my sisters were to die laughing. You saw it on me first :-D

    Yes, I was born in the 60’s

    I love that Breaking Abbey thingy! :-D Hat’s off for the actors :-D I love British actors :-)

  14. Helena says:

    Ketutar – Hello to snowy Sweden! We are FINALLY getting snow today in Denver, and though it’s really cold people are glad because we’ve been in such a drought. The ski resorts are happy too.

    You know, I’ve seen a few Comme des Garcons in the past that I liked (but still couldn’t afford to buy), but those frocks were for me just wacky! But if you’ve got a style that you’re comfy in and is distinctive, then go for it. Ultimately, the only style I really can’t stand is the completely bland, boring, no shape, matronly safe look that makes a woman blend into a beige wall.

  15. If you want a bookmark, email me your physical mailing address and I’ll ship you one in the mail.

  16. Helena says:

    Michael — I’d love a bookmark! I’ll email you my address, and thanks so much.

  17. Old Kitty says:

    I really like the floral version of this dress.. *ducks into the deepest darkest dreariest cave she can find*. Ahem! LOL! Happy Christmas lovely Helena! take care

  18. Helena says:

    Old Kitty – The floral pattern is one thing, but the shape of the dress? Ah well, Hope you had a splendid Christmas, along with Charlie and Gumtree.