Spooky Full Moon

on October 29, 2012 in Misc

I think I finally had a ghostly experience.

How appropriate for Halloween week.

It wasn’t much anything.   In fact, I can’t cross “seeing a ghost” off my scavenger list ’cause I didn’t see anything, and I don’t wanna get into the details ’cause the  story sounds silly.  But I will tell you that something seemed to be communicating with me, and the setting was spooky in a lovely way — Cheesman Park a couple blocks from my home,  just as night was falling and a beautiful full moon was rising over the “Greek Temple” (as I call it) on the park’s hill.

See, back in the Old West days the park was a big open field where poor folks, criminals, and anyone else who couldn’t afford a tombstone was buried.  Eventually it was designated as a park, and the authorities dug up and moved the human remains elsewhere.  Inevitably they missed a few, and every once in a while groundskeepers discover a few more skeletons.

Funny thing is, once I had walked to the middle of the park, I was more paranoid about the few live humans running along the paths or walking their dogs than I was of anything supernatural.   I kept looking over my shoulder even as someone rather unearthly seemed to be keeping me friendly company.  If it weren’t for the fact that I was a woman alone in a park after dark, which isn’t a smart thing to be, I would’ve happily lingered in the moonlight and chatted away with… Well, whoever or whatever it was.  Instead, I soon went home.

Of course before I went out on my dusky walk I slipped my camping knife into my jacket pocket.  It closes up like a pocket knife, but with a flick of my thumb its spring action makes it open like a switchblade.  Very handy for us ladies.  For other occasion I could use my self-defense baton that can, with a flick of the wrist, open into a long pole — a near perfect tool for a fencer like me.

The reason I’m segueing into such tough stuff is because this last week a co-worker told me about a scary incident she had while riding a city bus.   A big offensive jerk started to harass her, and when he wouldn’t get out of her way she had to shove him.  The bus driver took over from there and the jerk got off at the next stop.

It was a minor incident, but it shook her up a little bit, and of course I’m thinking What if?  As in what if I were in that situation and the guy tried something violent, what would be my best moves?  Of course I don’t usually carry a knife or club or pepper spray with me.   Then I thought of a hat pin.

See, the weather has gotten colder and pretty much every morning and evening to and from work I have on my winter hat (small, black, quite fetching).  Today I add my silver-and-lapis-lazuli pin to it.  Doesn’t sound like much of a weapon, but I think a three-inch steel needle shoved hard into a neck or face can give an attacker pause.  It also complies with the Filipino martial art of escrima, which emphasizes using any sharp object as a weapon.

This post has taken a macabre turn, hasn’t it?  But hey, since it’s almost Halloween macabre is fitting.

Do you have any self-defense weapons of your own?  Whether for humans or ghosts or vampires or whatever…

Happy spooky week.

8 Responses to “Spooky Full Moon”

  1. I think a three inch needle would do it. But I hope you never have an occasion to use it.

  2. Helena says:

    Alex – Odds are I’ll never have the occasion, so the stickpin is just for emotional security.

  3. I think the real monsters are human. However, I still don’t own a gun. Maybe I should. It’s the American way after all.

  4. Helena says:

    Michael – If I lived in the mountains, I might own a gun because of the critters. But according to the New England Journal of Medicine, I’m safer without a gun in my home. What keeps me safer than most women is my martial arts training.

  5. I can’t tell you about my weapons or I’d be obligated to … you know …. :)

    I, too, have had a ghostly experience with nothing visual going on. Mine was not pleasant. I’m so glad yours was.

  6. Helena says:

    Carol – I will never ask you about your weapons. I’m sorry your ghost was a nasty one!

  7. Old Kitty says:

    I’m sorry your friend had such an awful experience! I hope she’s ok!

    I think if I had to arm myself it’ll be with lots of garlic!!! No vampire’s having my blood for free! LOL! Take care

  8. Helena says:

    Old Kitty – I never thought of carrying garlic. How about garlic spray (like pepper spray)?