Bows and Arrows and Computers

on April 4, 2012 in Misc

So suddenly archery is getting really hot and popular, thanks of course to The Hunger Games.  Maybe that’s why I feel a little cool for having already done archery when I was a kid.  True, I wasn’t exactly a phenom shot like Katniss, but I never accidentally hit any of my siblings or the family dog, hence I wasn’t a totally rotten shot.

Sometimes ago I also mentioned here that I bought a Groupon deal for a few archery classes.   Well, I’m embarrassed to admit that only last week did I FINALLY take my first class.  And you know what?

I think I’ve got a new addiction.

I mean, compared to so much Layla stuff I’ve done in the near or more distant past (fencing, parkour, Taekwondo, trapeze, jumping out of a plane, target shooting with a shotgun), archery proved to be so…  peaceful.   So quiet.   So very Zen.

The classes are in a big ol’ converted warehouse with elk head trophies lining one wall and the scent of hunting testosterone hanging in the air.  We six or seven newbies stood to one side with our rented simple bows while to our right stood the Serious Archers with their expensive fancy weapons and national competitive-level skills.   And we all just had a quiet good time.  We concentrated on the target.  We became one with our bow, our arrows, our targets.

And you know what?  I was a pretty good shot, which surprised the hell out of me.

I’m really looking forward to the other classes and then dropping by for some shooting on my own.  The price for that will be cheap – $11 for the equipment rental and a couple hours of target practice.  And maybe if I’m a good girl and my finances don’t go to hell in a handbasket again any time soon, I’ll even buy myself some relatively inexpensive archery equipment.

Now…  As for the computers I mentioned in the title…

I want to pass on some Alonzo advice about computers.  As you know, I had one hell of a crappy time recently with the server that hosts my blog and my techie friend Alonzo had to step in and save the day.  Trouble is, a couple friends are reporting that they STILL can’t access my blog.  Well, Alonzo checked the server’s monitor tests for a few cities and they reported that it was up 100% of the time except for two 20-minute down times last week.  So why is Becoming Layla still not coming up for a few people?

Here’s Alonzo’s advice that applies to ALL personal computers:

“Many people never ‘clean’ their computers of the hundreds of megs of crap that accumulate from web surfing, and that is a major cause of computer slowdowns.  (Your new computer I set up to automatically clean every time you reboot, and your browser Firefox self cleans every time it is closed. Don’t use Internet Explorer, it sucks and attracts viruses.)

“For people who have not cleaned or don’t know how to clean their systems, I recommend CCleaner, which can be set up to run automatically on your computer. They may download it here and it is free:”

So there you have it – advice from Alonzo, a man who’s as good with computers as he is with a pump action shotgun.  And that’s the truth and that’s why he’s kinda scary.

8 Responses to “Bows and Arrows and Computers”

  1. I’m a computer guy – I definitely know to clean the cookies.
    As long as I never had to shoot a live animal, I’d consider archery as a peaceful activity. Makes one focus.

  2. Helena says:

    Alex – I too am not planning on shooting anything other than a paper target.

  3. I don’t think that you should use ccleaner every single time that you turn on your computer. However once a week is about what I do with it. It’s an excellent program.

    I’ve never been all that athletic. I was always kinda fat. Maybe that goes hand in hand with why I’m not athletic. But I had non-athletic, non-ambitious parents who just wanted to eat a lot of food and go and do farm work (burns few calories as it never gets the heart rate pumping).

  4. Robert L. Read says:

    I’m a rifle hunter by family tradition, but I think I would really prefer archery. It is, in first place, quiet. It is also, at least a little, athletic. At least you are using your own power to hurl the missile. I find that much more appealing than using gun powder. However, one advantage of a rifle is that it tends to kill the animal more quickly than an arrow.

    Of course, for actual combat, archery has been eclipsed by gunpowder, but archery has not stood still. Modern bows are very high-tech weapons.

    A bow is also versatile. You can fish with one (can’t do that with a gun!) and set a line into a tree, from which you can pull a rope strong enough for climbing. I do this by throwing a weighted sack, but would like to learn to do it with a bow.

    Unfortunately, I have no time at all for new hobbies!

  5. Helena says:

    Michael – Archery doesn’t take much athletic effort, but if all you knew was farm work to burn calories then that sure didn’t help your physical inclinations growing up. Even grown-ups need playtime in the backyard.

  6. Helena says:

    Robert — I’ve seen the tree climbing with arrow/rope, which is cool. And fishing with a bow and arrow is such a Tarzan and Sheena thing I’d love to try it. And you’re so right about high-tech bows. The ones some of the archers had at the archery school looked like sci-fi creations, and when I looked them up later they had prices to match. So I’ll have to stick with the traditional cheaper ones.

    No time for new hobbies? But you only do a couple thousand things. Slacker.

  7. Old Kitty says:

    Oh wow!! You are amazing – truly amazing!! My sister was into archery and I only went once with her and I was so feeble – I couldn’t even lift the sodding archer thingy! LOL!! So I am in super duper AWE at your prowess! Good for you!

    I love my CCleaner – but I only discovered this amazing free tool AFTER smelly microsoft recommenden iolo tech – I PAID for this because I didn;t know any better! Booo to microsoft!

    Take care

  8. Helena says:

    Old Kitty – I bet you could try archery with a lightweight bow — the one I had didn’t seem to weight much anything, since it was the fancier contraptions that appeared to be heavy things.

    Don’t ya hate it when you pay for something and only find out afterwards you could’ve gotten it for a lot less or even free? I do that all the time.