Two Shout-Outs

on February 24, 2012 in Misc

Today I’m giving a shout-out to a couple wonderful fellow writer/blogging pals of mine.

First up is Ciara Knight (as in She’s a very fine, frighteningly prolific author who has a new novel out on Crescent Moon Press.  It’s called The Curse of Gremdon, and while one of the genres it falls under might be paranormal romance, it has one tough kick-ass heroine who makes her first appearance wearing a leather skirt and wielding a sword.  Shades of Kate Beckinsale!  Layla also highly approves of this woman.  Here’s the novel’s blurb:

In a world where marriage is forbidden, sex is only granted to male warriors, and the outer realm is full of murderous creatures, Arianna fights to protect the life of her only living relative, her brother.

Tardon, an elite warrior, is granted anything he desires by the Elders, but finds little joy in the voluptuous women presented to him. Born for the bloodlust found only in battle, complicated emotions emerge when he discovers his equal in the alluring warrior, Arianna.

Charged by the Elders with saving the castle from  attack, Tardon and Arianna risk the curse when they traverse the vast outer realm to retrieve serum from the Tree of Life.  If successful, the Elders have promised Tardon the right to marry and Arianna the cure for her brother’s death fever.  Will their love carry them through or will the discovery of a great deception be their ultimate demise?

How irresistible is that?

You can check out Ciara’s novel on Amazon, Crescent Moon Press, and other venues.

Next up is Robert Read.

Besides being a writer and all-around very smart man, Robert has been bravely taking on impressive action hero-type training that includes climbing, parkour, and archery.  You may remember his excellent essay on Olympic weight-lifting, which was recently posted here.  Obviously, the man is in strong shape.

As if all this weren’t enough, Robert is also an inventor and the founder of Public Invention For All Mankind.  PIFAM is a blog and educational charity that he (and I and others) hopes will serve as a great coaching organization for inventors.  There’s no profit in this effort or in such inventions, just a lot of brains, idealism, and real-world experimenting.  In short, “PIFAM gives inventions to all mankind that teach how to increase prosperity, fun, and beauty with less toil, waste, and pollution.”

Personally, I think there’s also some danger, such as in Robert’s efforts to test his Merfluke, which would allow humans to swim like a dolphin.  He wrote about this invention in his science fiction novella but is now working with his prototypes in open water situations.  Taking something from fiction into reality – I just love this idea.

You can find Robert’s blog about PIFAM at

And that’s all for today, folks.  Have a really good weekend.

14 Responses to “Two Shout-Outs”

  1. Helena says:

    Alex – I agree.

  2. Robert sounds like some kind of “mad genius” type that is one lab accident away from being a super villain. As long as he uses his powers for good, then we all benefit.

    I read Ciara’s book and really liked it. Yes she does have a strong female voice, but unlike some authors, she is also able to write men well. Tardon was quite the warrior. And I love how her plot came together so that it turned out nothing like I expected.

    Ciara is quite talented and is an author to watch.

  3. Helena says:

    Michael – I like the mad genius moniker for Robert. And I’m looking forward to reading Ciara’s book (it’s in the mail and heading to my home as we speak).

  4. I’ve already picked out the color of my cape.

    But don’t worry—we all know the world has enough villains already.

  5. Helena says:

    Robert — I myself really like a cobalt blue cape.

  6. Old Kitty says:

    Yay!! Great to see the beautiful and talented Ciara here!! And all the best to Robert!! I’m yet to learn to swim so I’m low down the evolutionary chain and have a way to go before I can even be on par with gorgeous dolphins! :-) Take care

  7. Ciara Knight says:

    Helena – Thank you SO much for the shout out!!!! You are so Awesome!!!! I was offline Friday and Saturday, so I’m just making my rounds now. You were my first stop, and to my surprise, I see my book! You are such a sweet person, thanks for shouting out about my book. I can’t wait to read Compass Master!

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. You know I love you guys.

  8. Yes, but I’m a Summer.

  9. Helena says:

    Old Kitty – Here’s to floating with dolphins, if not swimming with them.

  10. Helena says:

    Ciara – Hey, I read the posted first chapter of Curse, so I’m definitely looking forward to reading the book. You rock, Ciara.

  11. Helena says:

    Robert – An action hero who has had his colors done is a wise hero indeed.

  12. Bobbie says:

    Yeah for writers and inventors!

  13. Helena says:

    Bobbie — Yay indeed.