Back At Last

on January 2, 2012 in Misc

Wow, I’ve been gone way too long from my own blog, haven’t I?

Hope y’all had a splendid long holiday.  Me, I came back from visiting my Mum to a credit card bill that made me hyperventilate.  But at the company where I work our paychecks are issued in such a way that we end up getting an extra week’s pay at the end of the year.  For me, that extra money is gone already.

And speaking of my job…

I’m updating this entry at my job because, except for the interns, NO ONE ELSE IS HERE IN THE OFFICE!  Which means the office was supposed to be closed for today, January 2.  Which means my bosses really screwed up when I heard them on Friday saying seeing you on Monday to each other when in fact they meant Tuesday.

I coulda stayed in bed.

But here I am at work so I’m updating this blog and I’ll get a couple tasks done and then go downstairs to the little workout room and exercise for an hour or so.  Because I’m so gonna make this trip into work worth my time.

Wow.  Starting out the New Year and I’m already messing up.

But other than that and my usual end of the year financial squeeze, all is well.  Someone I know (friend of a friend) called me last night to rave about The Compass Master, which boosted my tired spirits.  LOVE what he said:  “It’s Dan Brown on steroids.”  Unfortunately he also pointed out two typos he came across.  Ouch.  But hey, if there turn out to be no more than a few typos in my fat novel, I’ll be okay.  Except that I already want to spend money I don’t have by getting them fixed.

My apologies to all you splendid fellow writers whose blogs I’ve barely visited since B.C. (before Christmas).  I did make hurried peeks at a few, but only left one or two comments.  I missed you.

See you here again in a couple days.

6 Responses to “Back At Last”

  1. Wow, I don’t think I would’ve showed up to work anyway.

  2. Helena says:

    Alex – Yes, but that’s me — incompetent and dutiful.

  3. Oh how awful. I also forgot whether or not I was supposed to go in on Monday. However, I have my boss’s email and I know that he checks it all the time on his phone. So I sent him an email Saturday night and he responded by Sunday evening saying that Monday was the official holiday.

    I might suggest you get your boss’s email account. It will save you from those unnecessary trips. Either that or a calendar with the days marked off in which the office is closed.

  4. Ciara Knight says:

    I, too, took a blocation. It was great, but I missed everyone. Two typos is not bad. Even novels from the big six have typos. Congratulations on the comments. Oh, btw, people feel like it is their job to point out any typo they can find. I don’t know why, it is just how it is. LOL

  5. Helena says:

    Michael — There’s a big white board in the kitchen that has everyone’s schedule, and from now on I’m making sure all office holidays are marked on it. But in my defense, I can say that I was in on Friday 12/29 following my mini-vacation, and both I and an intern overheard the two principals refer to the usual staff meeting for Monday morning. They actually meant Tuesday, it turns out. Dang them.

  6. Helena says:

    Ciara — This reader was so sweet about it I cdidn’t mind. He’s also a retired engineer and fusses over every detail, which is good because he worked with NASA on the space shuttle and moon program. Then again, there are other readers who are just being kinda mean.