Ninja Warrior Goes Big Time

on August 22, 2011 in Misc

Remember how way back when I started this website (two summers ago!) I began my Layla plan by taking the toughest of all courses?  That course being, of course, a ten-class introduction to parkour.   My body still cringes in agony at the memory.

Anyway, as I wrote back then a few of my young manly-man instructors tried out that summer for the Ninja Warrior game in California auditions that were  shown on the cable channel G4.  The top qualifiers would then go on to compete in the humongous finals in Japan.  My instructors just missed getting into the top twenty, but for me it was still a hoot to see them on TV.

Then a couple days ago I heard how the latest Ninja Warrior competition was underway and I checked it out.  Who did I see on the tube?  Jake!  Young, uber muscular, freakishly energetic instructor Jake who one day in my parkour class casually mentioned, as all us students were dropping in sweaty exhausted messes to the floor, that oh, gee, he’d forgotten to eat that day.  Then he continued to run around and bounce off the walls.  For a few moments there, I really hated Jake.  Still, I felt bad for him two days ago when he just barely missed by this much (like a few seconds) getting into the top twenty.

Now it seems that Ninja Warrior has gotten so popular that the final show, which is broadcast from Japan, will hit the big-time and go to a prime time network (NBC) tonight.  If you take a look you’ll get an idea of the kind of guys I was working out with.  I could so not keep up with them.  Of course, I should add that I was the lone female and by far the oldest and only middle-aged person brave enough to take the course.

I’m still kinda proud of myself.  Working out with guys like that really forced me to raise the bar, to push my levels of endurance to the breaking point, to make me face my physical weaknesses and get better, and to realize how bad thigh pain can get.  So bad I couldn’t walk down any stairs for days afterwards.

I doubt that I’ll ever take those classes again, but I’m glad I’ve done them once and appreciate how they  had a lasting impact on me.  I’ll also be rooting for Jake and the other guys to get to Japan and the ultimate finals one of these years.

2 Responses to “Ninja Warrior Goes Big Time”

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    Wow, you’ve done some amazing things this year. I’ve been impressed. :)

  2. Helena says:

    Ciara — My aching body thanks you.