Failure to Launch

on October 26, 2009 in Misc

I was supposed to go paragliding today, but because the wind gods were feeling surly it was a no-go.


My virgin tandem paragliding experience was first scheduled for last Friday. But Thursday night my instructor Kay called and said that the weather wasn’t very promising, so let’s try Monday morning.

On Monday morning she called again and said, Too chilly; let’s try for this afternoon. And that’s why at 1:30 I drove out to the foothills west of Denver and Golden and parked near the designated open field. I met Kay, but no sooner had she shook my hand when she gave a scowl at the nearby windsock. It was drifting in the wrong direction, she declared. For about ten minutes we waited, examined the hills above us from which we would launch, and turned this way and that to feel the wind. Then she pulled out her cell phone and called the Wind Whisperer. I had no idea there was such a service. Anyway, the recording she heard made up her mind. “Winds are from the north,” she announced. And unless we wanted to slam into a mountain or land on the highway, cold north winds weren’t what we wanted.

So once again, my first paragliding experience had to be postponed. Now I’m really pissed that the weather in Colorado this year has been so crappy. First too much rain this last June, then two measly months of a shabby remaining summer, now a cold autumn that’s already turning into snow and an early winter.

I want warm thermals so that I can fly away, but right now it looks like they won’t blow around before late next week.

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