Literary Party Time

on April 1, 2011 in Misc

I have been so busy this last week and so sleep deprived that, due to feeling like a zombie, I haven’t written much anything here.   You may have noticed.   But today I’m got the great good luck of spreading news about a couple of my fave buddy bloggers.

And to start things off…


I am so happy to report that CIARA KNIGHT, who has a gorgeous site about WRITING TO THE EDGE OF DARKNESS ( has honored me with her LOVELY BLOGGER AWARD.  But of greater importance is that just today, Ciara has announced she’s going to be a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!

(Pause for shouts of Huzzah!)

Ciara has signed a contract with Turquoise Morning Press for her Young Adult Paranormal, Rise From Darkness.  That is fantastic news, lady.  YOU SO DESERVE IT!

Also of great note  is the naked tarty shameless Hart Johnson over at CONFESSIONS OF A WATERY TART (

Hart has a YA entry in Amazon’s formidable ABNA competition, and so far she has made it all the way to the quarter finals, which means her book beat out a few thousand contestants.  An excerpt of her novel, The Kahlotus Disposal Site, can be read for free on Amazon.  I’ve read it and it’s so good I  got an insecurity complex and went back to reread The Compass Master’s first chapters to make sure they grab me the way Hart’s chapters do.

Hart also has a contract with a real live PUBLISHER for a cozy mystery (talk about being multi-literary-talented).

To top it off, this is crazy busy whirlwind has generously offered to review my blurb for The Compass Master, which I’ll be composing this weekend.  You know what blurbs are—those pithy descriptions on book jackets or the back of books that convince readers this novel is the best thing since Gone with the Wind or any Harry Potter book and you’ll be miserably deprived if you don’t read it.   Blurbs are like query letters for the general public—your literary success can hang precariously on them.  So thank you, darling Hart.

Obviously in the coming months I’m going to be getting in line to buy the books of Hart Johnson and Ciara Knight.  That is really gonna feel so cool.

4 Responses to “Literary Party Time”

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for the shout out! You are sooo nice!! Thanks for sharing my news. :)

  2. Helena says:

    Ciara — It really is my pleasure.

  3. Hart says:

    Late to the party as usual! I am having trouble keeping up with my regulars with this silly AtoZ business… Thank you so much! And i didn’t know about Ciara’s contract, that’s fabulous! Great party Helena! Sorry I’m so late!!!

  4. Helena says:

    Hart — I am ALWAYS late for everything anymore. Life can get crazy.