Master Unlock

on January 18, 2011 in Misc

I’m finally mastering padlocks!  Mastering as in picking open, that is.

You know the type I mean — those chunky, heavy squares of metal people use to secure everything from lockers to storage doors to whatever.   When I first started teaching myself to pick locks, I tried opening a couple heavy old padlocks of mine but couldn’t get them to budge.  Worse, I bent out of shape one of my best torques just trying.

My problem was that I was trying to rake open the pins because force seemed the best way to make those chunky locks open.  Au contraire, I discovered.  Instead, using a more delicate basic rake for a pick instead of my sharp toothy one and quietly FEELING the subtle movement of each pin against that pick made all the difference.  Last night, after working away for an hour with only a couple successes, I began to pop open repeatedly an old lock with an average picking time of three to four minutes.

I feel like such hot stuff.

It’s silly, but  every time I learn a new action hero-type skill or expand on the few I have, I start to feel, like,  SO HOT.  And definitely more confident and a little proud.

And on the topic of cool action people and stories…

This last weekend I saw THE TOURIST and enjoyed it — it was a much lighter and even funnier thriller than I was expecting.  There were also a couple scenes in it that involved lock picking handcuffs, and I found myself thinking, Hey, I could probably do that.   Pick myself out of handcuffs and go save the day and get all that money, to say nothing of Johnny Depp.

In my dreams.

4 Responses to “Master Unlock”

  1. Hart says:

    HA! just don’t teach Johnny how to get out of those handcuffs! I like him bound, myself.

    I think this is so cool that you’ve figured this out. I can picture you walking through a storage facility opening and then closing locks just for the fun of it…

  2. Helena says:

    Hart – Yes, I would do something like that (provided I wouldn’t get caught) cause I can be a stinker.

  3. Robert L. Read says:

    Congrats! This is a really cool, almost magic power. Is this something that is easier to learn if you have someone to show you? Did you do it totally self-taught from books?

  4. Helena says:

    Robert — When I bought my lock pick kit I also got a booklet telling me how to use it, and then I downloaded from online the “MIT Guide to Lock Picking” that an amateur picker recommended to me (he was a parkour student at the same place I practiced parkour). These sources are great for describing how locks work. I also bought a lock cylinder that expose the pins because that way I could see the pins moving a I moved the pick, which was a real help for practihttp: