The Year of Acting Out

on January 3, 2011 in Misc

It’s official: the first year of my Layla Plan is OVER!

And the second stage of my Layla Plan begins…NOW!

(Pause here for excited cheers from the masses.)

But seriously folks…

As you know, in the past year plus a few extra months I beat myself up in body and brain to become more like Layla Daltry, the action scholar/hero of my novel The Compass Master). I spent money I really didn’t have learning how to skydive, paraglide, play pool, do parkour, navigate with a compass and map, you name it.  Later this week I’ll review my efforts – where I succeeded, where I failed, what I’ve still got to do.

For the second stage, I’m going to WAY UP my game.  As I wrote here a couple weeks ago, 2011 will be the YEAR OF ACTING OUT.  This means not so much learning how to do things as to just plain DOING them.   Sure, I plan to take a few classes once I can afford them (the holidays and everyday life are financially tough to get through, aren’t they?).  But what’s on my new agenda now includes:

1) Treasure hunting here in Colorado and maybe New Mexico.

2) Hunt for lost and ancient artifacts through the same areas.

3) Get into and out of places I don’t belong without getting caught.

4) Do urban climbing and rappel off lots of buildings and structures.

And more.

Realistically (damn, reality can hurt!), for the next couple months some of my most physical plans will be on hold because the weather is cold and sucky, and because I’m working on the final edits of The Compass Master.  I’ve GOT to finish it NOW or I’ll go crazy (crazier than I am) and send it off to be published.

I hope you all had a splendid time over the holidays and that this new year is spectacular for you.

P.S.:  One of my New Year resolutions is to FINALLY write shorter blog entries and make at least three to four a week instead of my slothful one to two.  At least this is my intention.

8 Responses to “The Year of Acting Out”

  1. Robert L. Read says:

    Great work, Helena. You continue to inspire me.

    A one year experiment is great; a two-year experiment will be four times better!

    Some of your experience may even improve The Compass Master further. I am in a sense trying to be more like you via my New Years resolutions. I don’t have a persona I am aiming at per se, and my goals are a little different than yours, but in principle I am trying to “Become Rob.”

    Thanks for the inspiration. I would like to hear about the treasure hunting, and the lock picking. I am personally doing a lot of climbing, though so far only in a gym—I can’t imagine urban climbing!

  2. Hart says:

    I am very eager to hear how this all goes, though you are probably now being trailed by G-men who are going to try to keep you OUT of places you shouldn’t be *teehee*

    Good luck your edits and getting Compass Master ready to fly out the door!

  3. Helena says:

    Robert — Becoming Rob sounds inspiring! The treasure hunting is easier than it sounds, since Colorado and New Mexico have plenty of legendary lost gold caches. I didn’t say I’d FIND anything because that ‘ll be nearly impossible. But the hunt should be fun.

  4. Helena says:

    Hart — I swear my luggage is ALWAYS investigated at the airport, so no doubt G-men and others are hot on my trail.

    And good luck on your own edits — you’re about to get published by a REAL publisher!

  5. Ciara Knight says:

    Wow, now that’s what I call getting into character. LOL. I’m intrigued and can’t wait to read it. :)

  6. Helena says:

    Ciara – And I’m getting hooked on your blog and looking forward to reading your Curse of Gremdon. Sex and fantasy — I need so much more of that good stuff.

  7. Cinette says:

    I think the sneaking in and out of places I don’t belong would get my adreneline pumping even more than rockclimbing would; I’m such a goody two shoes. Or maybe it’s that Catholic guilt residue;-)

  8. Helena says:

    Cinette — I love it! A fellow sufferer of Catholic guilt! And being raised to be a good girl sure as hell didn’t help me either. I’m so looking forward to going bad.