Down Time

on September 3, 2010 in Misc

Last night I started an entry for this blog.  What I was writing was pretty interesting and had a cool twist, or at least that was my impression.  Trouble is, I was so tired that after only a few minutes I started nodding off.  I can finish it in the morning before work, I thought.

dog sleepign

Not happening.

I’m now at work, I’m still dragging, and my brain is straining at any attempt to string a few words together.  So I’m gonna hafta put off this blog until the weekend.  I’ll be spending most of it editing The Compass Master because I MUST publish this baby before the end of the year.  I will also be sleeping in every morning.

Nevertheless, I will no doubt have an exciting, stupendous new entry for this blog by Tuesday morning.

Hope all of you have a great three-day Labor Day weekend.  Stay safe.  Stay cool. Have fun. 

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