Catching Up

on June 1, 2010 in Misc

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I’m finally getting back into shape.

It’s been nine weeks since that black belt idiot slammed me to the floor in beginner’s Aikido. While I still can’t sleep on my left side, my ribcage seems to have healed enough for me to finally, FINALLY start doing some full body workouts.

That means gentle (I’ll get more vigorous later) back and side stretches and ab work.   I’m even starting to lift weights again, although we’re talking wuss 5- and 10-pounders.   Definitely don’t want to strain myself, and whenever I feel a sharp twinge in my chest I stop whatever I’m doing.   It’d be super stupid to aggravate an injury.   I’m also taking Hart’s advice (check out her Confessions of a Watery Tart) and concentrating on getting my full range of motion back before worrying about strength.

Still, I gotta tell ya that it feels so damn good to be moving my whole body again!  No more of my strange truncated exercises with restricted below-the-waist-only movements.   Today, for the first time in nine weeks, I even did a handstand.   Okay, so it was against a wall and lasted all of two seconds and even then I had a brief rib twinge.   That handstand just felt so GOOD.

The French have a saying: se sentir bien dans sa peau.   To feel good in your skin, meaning not just physical sensations but deep emotions.   To be comfortable with yourself.

old fashioned jump

And ya know, I’ve learned the hard way not to underestimate how important this is to me.   Having the physical freedom to do what I want with my poor old body is glorious.  It frees up my mind and my soul and makes me feel young, which at my age isn’t so easy.  (And I ain’t talking lust in this context, although healthy lustiness is splendid and the French, being so Frenchy, probably have several thousand sayings about the subject.)  

Simply being able to get up from a desk now and stretch the stiffness and aches out of my shoulders and back is fantastic.  Makes my body happy.  And when my body is happy it feels more POWERFUL.

And power is good.

There is, unfortunately, one downside:   On my lazy days I no longer have an excuse not to work out.   And I can have so many lazy days.

Gotta go do some weights now.

2 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. Hart says:

    I’m so glad you’re on the mend! I bet it DOES feel good, after so long of having to be so careful–and it’s smart to listen to all the signals you get. What does the doc have to say? The reason I ask, is because the brain and pain can do this tricky thing where it MIGHT still warn you on things that you DON’T have to be careful on, but I wouldn’t make the assumption–I’d ask a doc.

    I don’t mean pushing it on weight bearing stuff, but pushing it on stretching stuff, even if it seems to hurt, MAY be just what the doctor ordered–but that is only if anything that could be hurt by stretching too far really IS healed.

  2. Helena says:

    Hart — A couple weeks ago the thoracic surgeon who pumped up my lung thought I could go back to pretty much everything. When I asked about a pain I still sometimes got on the left side he talked about the nerve there, why it was acting up and not to worry. So I think you’re right about pushing myself now and going farther in increments.