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Wigging Out

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Remember how I was planning to stalk someone?

My target was Cruella deVil (without the fashion sense), who was scheduled to be one of the speakers at a lawyers’ conference.  So I took a couple hours off from work, walked the couple blocks to the hotel where it was held, and mingled with the small horde of attendees.

DI still

I knew I would blend in because a) I was wearing dark clothes of a nondescript nature without a speck of pastel or interesting touch (these were attorneys, after all); 2) I tamed my reddish mess of curls into a dull bob; and c) I slipped on my reading glasses and frequently checked papers in the leather binder I was carrying.

No one gave me a second glance.  I was accepted as one of them.

That much was easy.  The bad news is… CRUELLA NEVER SHOWED UP!  It seemed she was out sick.  Very, very, deathly sick, I hope, after disappointing me like that.

Anyway, I’ve already stepped up my disguise game by buying, just today, A WIG!  My first ever.

Yes, it’s a cheap but good one from a local games-and-costume store (the kind at which the gang from The Big Bang Theory would buy their games).  I tried on several and chose the one with long, dark brown tresses and bangs.  When I added a pair of tortoise shell glasses (fake–the lenses are clear), I looked seriously different.

I think this disguise-and-stalking stuff might end up being kinda fun after all.  But first I’ve got to try out this wig and different looks and outfits on my friends.  The more I can fool them, the better I’ll get.

BTW, those papers in the leather binder were pages of my screenplay, and as I waited for Cruella’s lecture I edited them.  This weekend I wrote a couple more scenes, and now the story is coming to me more quickly and clearly.  Maybe I’ll finish it after all.

I hope you have a great week. Any literary or stalking plans of your own?