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Work and Play

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Sure, my plan for 2015 was to just have some fun instead of writing.  Cause I was burned out on writing.  I was (and am) seriously burned out on publishing.  I can’t even think of book marketing. I was really, truly SICK OF IT ALL!

So guess what happened.


I’m starting to enjoy writing again.  It’s actually FUN again!  You know why?  CAUSE THERE’S NO PRESSURE! But only because I’m writing purely for myself and maybe a few friends (bless ‘em!) who want to read my stuff.

This is why I made a lot of progress on my screenplay yesterday.  And a few days ago I would have spent hours (I only had one hour) writing my sci fi novel.  And tonight I wanted to pull out my old Moonlighting script and in one sitting turn it into a movie-length screwball comedy (that was just delusional).

BUT… I still desperately need some action and fun.  Happening soon, I hope, will be…

1) Laser Tag.  I thought it would be paintball but the few players I can go with want laser tag instead.  These players are half my age.  Which says something about my maturity level.

2) I’m lining up friends for the Escape Room game (nothing happens fast these days!).  At least one other player will be my age.

3) I may not be a Woman Who Runs with the Wolves, but I’ll be a Woman Who Tracks Coyotes.  There’s a growing number around the edges of Denver, and I figure it’ll be good training for finding escaping bad guys, finding missing people (I’m thinking up fiction stories here).

How about you?  Are you enjoying writing, or has it become a burden?