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This whole last week was full of so much work — both at my job and at home — that I had no time for ACTION stuff.  All I could do was plan a couple upcoming mini-adventures.

A couple small plans:  Paintball with friends (I hope!) and escape rooms.

escape use

In case you’ve never heard of escape rooms (a couple in town are in old Victorian mansions), this a code-breaking game in which you have one hour to escape from a locked room by solving intricate puzzles.  Because I use codes and puzzles in The Compass Master, I like to think I’ll be a whiz at this game.  But if it turns out that I stink at escaping I’ll be pretty embarrassed.

Then there’s a plan I’ve mentioned before:  treasure hunting.  Yes I know, this has the same credibility as my (joking) plan to photograph a bigfoot.  But it’ll be a fun way to see if I can do what Layla does, antiquities hunter that she is.

One thing I really can do like crazy is perform research.  This week I ruled out looking for a lost treasure that some people still insist exists:  the Reynolds Gang hidden gold dust and cash.  It was supposed to be hidden in 1864 in a mine shaft near a certain Colorado mountain, but I had my suspicions, kept looking, and finally came across a 1906 newspaper story documenting how two prospectors searched for the lost loot and found “buried plunder aggregating in value $18,000.”

“The treasure was undoubtedly buried by the Reynolds gang of outlaws,” the newspaper claimed.

I also came across recent news reports of people traveling to New Mexico dozens of times in search of the modern day Forest Fenn treasure.  Seriously?  Come on, people, get a life!  I mean, treasure hunting should be nothing more than getting out in the wilderness, hiking around, then going home and writing a novel about your fictional adventure.

 How your own plans for the coming weeks?  Writing anything new?  Having some fun?