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One Last Year

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For 2015, I declare that these are my literary resolutions.  The details may sound a little crazy to some of you, but that’s because I’m finally diving off the literary deep end.  See, one year from now I plan and really want to quit writing (except privately and for fun only).  So if this is my last year of trying to get published, whether traditionally or indie, I might as well go crazy and wild.

With this in mind, I henceforth resolve to…
cow 2

  1. Finish my sci fi novel.  This will entail photographing a flying saucer as it teleports a cow for dissection, then drops it back to earth in yet another mysterious case of cattle mutilation.  Besides the cool publicity this will generate for my similarly-themed story, my photo of the saucer (not the dead cow) can serve as the book’s cover.

  2. Finish polishing my two Charity MacCay novels.  I will simultaneously make frequent hiking trips to the mountains, where I plan to find and film a Bigfoot.  Odds of this happening:  better than the odds of my getting a decent book contract for my Charity novels.  At least the hiking will get me away from my computer once in a while.

  3. Finish my screenplay.  This means ghost hunting in Ireland, which is the setting for my supernatural-themed screenplay.  Such hunting may not get my screenplay read, but I can write off my expenses tax-wise.

  4. Finish and self-publish an essay, the short form of which is Layla Daltry’s master’s thesis in The Compass Master.  I must therefore obtain copyright permission from the estate of a late British author’s book in order to complete my effort.  Again, photographing Bigfoot might be easier.

bigfoot field

That’s pretty much it, folks.  The year 2015 will be for me the year of serious writing and crazy living.

Do you have anything crazy planned for your own writing year?

By the way, the UFO calendar and Bigfoot Field Guide were gifts I received at Christmas.   So in their own twisted way my family is being supportive.