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It’s Sunday night.  My long holiday weekend has drawn to a close, and I figured I should write down a few things for which I found myself grateful.

fat cat

Much as I am grateful for my job, I am also grateful that I could sleep in for four days.

I am grateful that I love my cat so much I didn’t kill her when for four days in a row she woke me up early by repeatedly sticking her face in mine and walking around on my bed until I got up and fed her.

I am grateful that I had enough discipline to get in four good workouts in a row.

I am grateful that when I go to work on Monday I won’t have to go down to the building’s workout room because my body will be too sore and tired for more exercise.

I am grateful to my friend Linda for having me to her home where more than a dozen friends and family had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

I am grateful that she only wanted me to bring a loaf of bread from a local bakery so I didn’t have to bake anything.

I am grateful that I didn’t have to clean my place because I didn’t have anyone over.

I am grateful that instead of coming over my friends Ann and Rich invited me to go with them to a comedy club where all of the comedians were excellent.

I am grateful that I didn’t plan to get any writing done but I wrote anyway and am happy with what I scribbled down.

I am grateful for my warm place on these cold days and enough money that I can buy food whenever I want, because too many people aren’t that lucky.

Finally, I am grateful for all of you, my wonderful blog friends.  I hope your own Thanksgiving was a feast of love and joy and wine and turkey meat.  Or soy turkey, if you’re vegan.

Take care.  Love ya.