Archive for May 27th, 2014

Actually, despite this post’s title, I did get some writing done today.  I edited about 5o pages of my second Charity MacCay novel.  And considering the fact that I’m a really tough-on-myself, check-every-word, do-it-slowly editor, that’s pretty good.

Trouble is, now my brain is pretty much dead.  Can’t think up any funny poems to write for you all.  Can’t figure out how to introduce a Serious Topic I wanted to explore.  Sure as heck can’t be witty and entertaining.

I can only wish y’all a really great week.  Hope the world is kind to you and you have some fun and spectacular success with your writing and publishing.  Next weekend I promise to write, like, the coolest post I’ve ever written.  Which means I’m gonna GET OUT NEXT WEEKEND AND HAVE SOME FUN!

Take care.