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You know how I taught myself – sometimes the hard and painful way – to do just about everything Layla Daltry can do in The Compass Master?  (Okay, so I didn’t learn a few languages or how to deal with black marketeers.  Sue me).  One of those skills was lock picking. When I got down the basics, I was pretty proud of myself.

lock picking

But today I learned that a young relative of mine in Britain is not only an expert locksmith, he has the NUMBER 1 RATED LOCKSMITH BUSINESS IN THE COUNTRY! That’s #1 out of more than 1600 locksmiths. “All locks and security devices repaired, fitted or opened.” This includes, of course, being able to quickly pick open just about any lock.

Layla would want to consult him, since she tends to get into places illegally, and I myself am jealous and most impressed.  His business is in Cardiff, Wales, and it’s called Curley Locks, and yeah that’s a cutesy name but the fact is Curley is the family name on my Irish mother’s side.

In case you’re curious, here’s the link:

What you will definitely want to check out is this link to a video my sister sent me:  fifth graders and synchronized swimming on stage. Need I say more?  (What I should say is that you can fast forward through the first 30 seconds ’cause nothing happens until after that.)

Finally, within the next ten days or so I’ll be able to tell you about my night in an allegedly haunted inn.  If anything exciting happens (of the paranormal variety only, since unfortunately I’ll be alone), I’ll let you know.

Have a great week.