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tired old

First, a fact completely irrelevant to writing…

There’s a product called Tired Old Ass Soak Mineral Bath Salts.  When I saw it at the health food store I almost bought it, just ’cause I loved the label.

As for writing, here’s some good news: I’m actually enjoying my semi-final editing of my second Charity MacCay novel.  I say semi because I’m neurotically never satisfied with anything I write so I always keep tweaking and polishing.  I know some writers dread the editing process, but for me it’s always been easier than writing the first draft.   By the way, Hemingway said he re-wrote the last page of A Farewell to Arms thirty-nine times because he wanted to get the words right.


The kinda bad news is: I did NO editing this weekend.  Why? Well, my sister is in town so when I’m not spending time with her I’m catching up on everything else.  Wanna know what I did today?

I exercised for about an hour.

Cleaned the kitchen

Did two loads of laundry

Finally packed away all my Compass Master research that was taking up room in my office.

Replaced them with file folders of research related to my Charity MacCay books.

Vacuumed around my desk where the boxes of stuff had been, thus scooping up a few year’s worth of dust bunnies.

Got stuff out of my storage unit in the basement that I’ve been meaning to give my sister.

Rearranged the boxes in that unit because they were falling down on me.

Finished vacuuming the rest of my place.

Went grocery shopping.

Took out the recycling and garbage and kitty litter.  And on and on…  Okay, and I watched Mad Men and Masterpiece Theater.

See the photo above of Hemingway?  THAT’S how I wish I’d spent my weekend: just writing and being somewhere out in the wild world.  I swear that next weekend I’m gonna edit and then play outside and do nothing else.  No cleaning, no errands, NO HOUSEWORK!  But at least it’s been good spending time with my sister.

So how was your weekend?  I bet yours was a lot more productive on the literary front than was mine.