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My darling readers, I wish I could continue the saga of Layla’s  adventures in Chicago, but just for today I need to take a break.

See, I’ve had a really stinky day.  A really bad, godawful day and emotionally I’m just drained.  I can’t go into the details, but I can tell you that it involves my writing, my books, and an old and good friend, and sadly that friendship now appears to be at an end, which breaks my heart.

Ever had one of those painful shoulda woulda coulda moments, when you look back and think, If only I’d done such-and-such months ago?  I hate regrets.

Ah well.  Life goes on.  Please forgive my downer vibes.  Next Sunday Layla will be back, along with the bad guy and the mysterious man and Annie.

Have a great week and a warm and happy Thanksgiving.