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Along with pretty much all of you, I have a Fourth of July four-day weekend this week.   And TG for that because I am SO tired and really need the days off.

Of course I have plans for the holiday.  First I’ll tell you my plans.  Then I’ll tell you what will really happen.

Plan:  Before the weekend starts, I’ll go to fencing where I’ll be the ice goddess of the blade, parrying my way to victory in bout after bout with the best guys in the place.

Reality:  While fencing I’ll get tense, make a few dumb moves and only win a few bouts with the not-so-good fencers.

Plan:  I will get my taxes done (I got an extension, as usual) and hand my paperwork over to my tax accountant, who’ll tell me I’ll get a couple thousand back this year.

Reality:  My tax accountant will say I’ll get a couple hundred back. Enough to pay him for doing my taxes.

Plan:  I will go to the Cherry Creek Art festival where I’ll fall in love with and purchase several paintings and sculptures.

Reality:  I will sigh in longing over several art pieces and buy an overpriced glass of lemonade.

Plan:  I’ll suddenly come up with a brilliant, super-cheap and fool-proof plan to promote my next novel into bestsellerdom.

Reality:  Okay, that one was just delusional.

Plan:  I’ll see some friends and have a great time and we’ll talk and eat too much and do really fun stuff.

Reality: I’ll see some friends and have a great time and we’ll talk and eat too much and do some really fun stuff.

See?  At least one of my plans will work out.

I hope all of you have a splendid, fun, and safe Fourth of July.  Got anything special planned?

And Old Kitty—I know you don’t celebrate the Fourth (being English and all that), but may you and Charlie and Gumtree have a great week.