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As you know, I’m in the final editing stages of Charity MacCay.  I got some work done on it this weekend but not as much as I’d like because…

a) I had so much other work and stuff to do (does that sound familiar to all of us?), and

b) my concentration was kinda whacked because of drugs.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what drugs.  There was the little pink pill the dental assistant gave me, the shots in the mouth that my dentist said would hurt a little but really HURT LIKE HELL!  And then there was the second little pink pill I asked for and quickly swallowed like it was manna from heaven.  The assistant told me its name but I don’t remember it.

This was Thursday morning, and my brain doesn’t recall a whole lot else.  There was the painful check I wrote out to the dentist three hours later.  And I know there had to be the hour-long drive home with my friend at the wheel ’cause legally I couldn’t operate heavy machinery.  My friend swears that during the hour I was was fun and funny.  While it’s satisfying to know I can be entertaining even while stoned out of my gourd, it’s also unnerving not to remember a word I said.  I slept the rest of the day, couldn’t sleep at all Saturday night, and only now am I feeling completely normal.

You know what?  Tomorrow I’m going to review the chapters I edited this weekend because maybe I only THOUGHT I was functioning like a normal writer.  For all I know I was really a blithering twit.

See, I keep having flashbacks (pun intended) of high school and college when friends would get high or tipsy and write poems and stories that they thought were really good.  But if a sober person like you read them you’d think, What is this crap?

So maybe it’s good that I DIDN’T get much editing done the last couple days.  You all know how tough editing your own work can be, and you have to be sharp as a razor while doing it.  Well, only now are those happy little pink pills out of my system.  Or at least I hope they are ’cause I’m writing this blog.

Have any of you ever had some weird medicated moments, especially of the literary kind?