Archive for June 3rd, 2013

First off, Finished:

This afternoon I was stunned to realize I’ve got no more historical research to do for Charity MacCay and the Almighty Dollar.  I mean nada.  Zip.


See, the thing about writing an historical novel or just one that deals in some way with history (like The Compass Master) is that there are ALWAYS details to look up. ALWAYS facts to check.  ALWAYS another resource to read among the hundred other books I’ve already read.  So today I sat down at my computer feeling like maybe I’d get a couple sections fixed.  And I fixed them.  And then I checked my literary To Do list.  But…

There isn’t anything else To Do.   Seriously?  Ya mean from here on out it’s just reread the manuscript a few times to proof it and make any last changes?  I don’t believe it!

Maybe you’ve had the same experience.  You’ve had a manuscript around for so long that it seems you’ll never finish it and get it out there.  And then one day… WHAM! It’s practically done.  Charity should be in print by this autumn!  I can’t tell you how good that feels.

Of course, I still have to edit the sequel, Charity MacCay and Holy Relations, but I’m not gonna think about that tonight.

Second, Factoid:

As you know, I like to throw out facts I’ve come across that might come in handy for my fellow writers.  Here’s the latest…

Scientists have at long last discovered why salamanders can regrow limbs and regenerate parts of major organs.  (Lost your leg?  Just grow a new one!)  It seems that this “superhero-like” ability stems from immune cells called macrophages, which of course we mammals also have.  In fact, many animals may have a capability for tissue regeneration that has been turned off during evolution, but for whatever reason remained on for salamanders.

Now that scientists have pinpointed the macrophage involvement, they’re hoping to find a way to reactivate the process in humans, for example to heal damaged spinal cords or speed up recovery from diseases.  Later on, maybe they can regenerate limbs, which would be so wonderful.  The theory is that it might be possible to turn back on in us humans a natural genetic (or epigenetic?) ability.

Personally, I think this factoid could be the basis for everything from an X-Men type of story to a more serious literary novel.  It’s also just plain good news.

So that’s it for today.  Do any of you have some inspiring factoids?  How about novels that you think you’ll never ever get into print?